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Blasting supplier to go ?live? with cloud-based platform

Nitro Sibir Australia is establishing itself as an explosives specialist in the quarrying, mining and construction market. It offers a full service from supplying bulk and packaged explosives – which are all manufactured in-house – to putting the initiating systems in place and carrying out the detonation.

The privately-owned company will be going live with the software program Sage X3 on 1 July, 2016.

The managing director of Nitro Sibir Australia, Tim Fry, said the product made it better positioned to assist its quarrying customers by offering shorter lead times and helping to develop application-specific products quickly.

“Accurate purchasing and production planning capabilities, inventory management and tracking, and effective business reporting are essential for us to optimise our operations,” Fry said.

Nitro Sibir Australia is deploying Sage X3 in the cloud, meaning its employees will be able to access it online and via mobile devices.

“The nature of our industry demands a lot of travel,” Fry said. “Essentially, running Sage X3 in the cloud will allow our management team to take the office with them.

“Whether they are waiting for a plane or en route to a customer location, they’ll be able to access the software from anywhere with an internet connection and from practically any device.

“Our business also involves a great deal of document exchange, which will be easier to manage through Sage X3.

“Distribution of explosives products is highly regulated, and there are numerous certificates and registrations required for their transportation.

“Sage X3 will enable us to scan, attach and transfer documentation regardless of location and with full audit capabilities.”

Nitro Sibir Australia has multiple manufacturing facilities based in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

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