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Awards for biodiversity in quarries

The Quarry Life Award program focuses on mining sites and seeks to raise awareness about the biological value of mineral extraction sites worldwide. The first Quarry Life Award program launched in September 2011 and included more than 50 participating quarries from 18 countries in Europe, Central Asia and Africa. Australia was a participant in 2012 with three national winners.
Lehigh Hanson, the North American subsidiary of HeidelbergCement, is in the process of conducting the second round of this international research and education competition. Two of its quarries will open their doors for research projects. From the US, the company selected the Lincoln quarry in Lincoln, Illinois. In Canada, the Sechelt mine in Sechelt, British Columbia, was chosen to participate. 
Participants have until 1 March, 2014 to submit project proposals. 
The individual categories are:
? Raising public awareness.
? Promoting biodiversity.
? Innovation and biodiversity.
? Biodiversity and education. 
? Pupil and student projects. 
The Quarry Life Award consists of national and international competitions. 
In North America, Lehigh Hanson will have a jury that selects five projects that must be completed by September 2014. From this group the jury will select three national winners. 
Winning proposals will be selected based on their added value for nature and society, innovation, feasibility, ability to raise public awareness and involvement of stakeholders. 
Prize money
The winning projects selected will be rewarded in late 2014 with national prizes of ?1500, ?3000 and ?5000. 
Regardless of their placement in the national competitions, all five completed projects will compete for the International Quarry Life Award. 
In this broader competition, the best projects in the five categories will be selected in December 2014 and awarded ?10,000 each. The best overall project will receive ?30,000. 
For more information visit the Quarry Life Award website
Source: Lehigh Hanson

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