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App for belt measurement

With this new app, users can quickly determine if a belt pre-tension is correct.

The free Tension2Go application measures the pre-tension frequency and pre-tension of industrial belts of the ContiTech Power Transmission Group.

“Tension2Go quickly lets field staff, technical dealers and end customers know whether the belt pre-tension is correct ? when the belt is first installed, being serviced or during trouble shooting,” said Dirk Bartsch-Kuszewski, head of Industry application engineering in the ContiTech Power Transmission Group.

ContiTech points out that the app does not replace a pre-tension measuring device.

The app measures the natural frequency of the belt using the microphone on the smartphone that is held above the free belt section. The belt is set into vibration so that the airborne noise can be recorded.

Using the frequency value emitted, the user can select the pre-tensioning force.

Tension2Go can also calculate the tension of the belt directly if the belt type and the length of the free belt section has been entered before the measurement is taken.

Tension2Go is available for the iOS 6 and Android 2.2 operating systems and can be downloaded in the App Store or at Google Play.

Source: ContiTech

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