Alien rock unearthed in Swedish quarry

Scientists announced on 14 June the 8cm long object uncovered at Thorsberg quarry in Sweden’s south was unlike anything found on Earth to date.

The space oddity contains spinel grains that are very different from the 52,600 classified other meteorites.

The findings, published in the journal Nature Communications, hypothesise that the meteorite, named Öst 65, used to be part of a 20km to 30km wide rock that collided with a much larger body, about 100km to 150km across, in space before splintering off and landing on earth.

“It is possible that the asteroid that produced Öst 65 no longer exists, and there is no source for such meteorites today,” the report states.

“The asteroid belt has been evolving through collisions over the history of the solar system, and many of the original asteroids have undoubtedly been destroyed.

“The record of fossil meteorites on Earth provides the only evidence for their former existence and the only way to investigate the collisional evolution of the solar system.”

Quarry owners Göran, Sören and Stig Thor were thanked for their “enduring support” with the meteorite search.

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