Mobile Plant

24/7 vehicle washing

The system has the capacity to wash 24 hours a day and is designed to accommodate standard road-registered vehicles, making it ideal for the “truck and dogs” and semi-trailer trucks often found on quarrying sites.

The heavy-duty Deluge wheel and underbody wash enables an 80-tonne loaded road train to be fully and automatically cleaned and then immediately followed by another smaller vehicle with no interruption to the wash control. The duration of the wash also allows for the wheel to complete two full revolutions in the wash area to ensure all mud and soil is removed.

Other options include high side vehicle wash, windscreen and roof wash, exit road wash, heavy sediment separation, remote monitoring, a water treatment and recycle system, and an “auto waste recovery and return to stockpile” option.

A relocatable Deluge R model is also available, which has the capacity to wash 100 vehicles per hour and can be transported around the site as required.


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