2016 Quarry planning feature: Groundwork Plus


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What is the scope of your services?
Groundwork Plus specialises in extractive industry projects with a focus on lifecycle development promoting continuous land use opportunities. We assist clients throughout the development cycle: resource estimates, quarry development planning, surveying, environmental monitoring, operations management, development applications compliance matters, and post-extraction land use development. We also provide expert evidence in legal proceedings on resource, town planning and environmental matters.

In what areas do you specialise? Do you outsource services?
We assist clients to obtain planning and environmental approvals to operate extractive industry and associated operations. Such approvals are complex and multi-dimensional. A considered, practical approach to risk management and problem solving is necessary. In addition to our in-house expertise, we have developed relationships with experts specialising in matters such as engineering, surface water, ground water, biodiversity, noise, air, vibration, traffic, cultural heritage, etc, to ensure a ‘one stop shop’ for our clients.

Which of your services do quarries most engage?
We assist clients from site development, ongoing monitoring and management to end use planning to ensure that the value of their asset is maximised throughout the life of the development. In later years we can also assist in rehabilitation and post-extraction land use planning.

Which parts of Australia do you operate in?
We provide professional services throughout Australia. Most of our projects are currently in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

Can you tell us about a challenging job?
We have a number of quarry development projects which are impacted by biodiversity offsets at the state and national level. Rapidly evolving policy and guidelines by state and national agencies are non-specific to the extractive industry yet applied across the board, which results in complexity and potential resource sterilisation, also impacting the timely resolution of planning applications. The balancing of state interests is an ongoing challenge for the industry.



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