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Epiroc targets quarrying performance with new drill rig


Epiroc’s latest blasthole drill rig will give quarries faster hole-to-hole drilling through its single-pass capability.

Epiroc has released its DM30 II SP blasthole drill, providing increased performance and efficiency in quarrying.

Designed as a crawler-mounted, hydraulic tophead drive rig, the DM30 II SP features single-pass capability, allowing lower costs per tonne.

Due to its faster hole-to-hole drilling, the rig is able to reach a clean hole depth of 11 metres for single-pass applications.

The DM30 II SP shares the same platform as Epiroc’s DM45 and DML blasthole rigs.

“Built off a proven platform and with the new single-pass capability, the DM30 II SP reduces the overall cost of production per tonne and improves transportability,” Epiroc’s blasthole product line manager Heino Hamman said. “It offers high quality at an excellent value — and flexibility for the future.”

The drill’s small size gives the rig increased manoeuvrability on tight benches and allows it to be transported between pits.

More than 45,000 hours of structure design life is claimed with the addition of low maintenance costs and easy access to all major service points. Low- and high- pressure compressor configurations are available for the DM30 II SP.

Epiroc has prioritised safety with the rig by installing a falling object projectile structure (FOPS) cab, ground-level isolation plus an air-end safety shutdown system for high temperatures.

The drill’s cabin has been designed to be insulated, pressurised, heated and cooled with the added bonus of having high visibility.

Operational functions can be controlled through the drill’s ergonomic console layout that features the ability to instantly switch from drilling to tramming.

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