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Tophammer drill rig pushes envelope in energy, fuel efficiency

The Epiroc SmartROC T45 is an efficient, productive tophammer drill rig developed and designed for high performance in numerous applications, including aggregates and limestone.

Its proven, intuitive control system offers quarrying producers precise drilling and consistent operation, leading to improved blasting results. The rig is also designed to be fuel-efficient, only expending the amount of energy that the work demands.

The T45 features an automatic feed alignment that enables the operator to maintain the desired angle when drilling, fundamental to the operator’s optimal blasting requirements. In particular, the rig’s automatic rod adding system enables the operator to supplement rods to the desired drilling depth.

The rig can then drill to the exact desired depth with minimal error while the operator supervises until the work is complete and the rods picked up accordingly.

With engine power of 242kW at 1900 rpm, the SmartROC T45 offers a maximum hole depth in folding boom of 28m, with a hole diameter of 89–127mm. In fixed boom, the hole depth is 35m, with a diameter of 89–140mm.

The standard and folding booms consist of hydraulic chain-driven rods with hose guides and double rod supports with moveable lower guides/dust hoods. On the standard boom, the long feed extension is 1900mm, with a maximum feed rate of 0.9m per second (m/s), maximum feed force of 40 kiloNewtons (kN) and tractive pull of 50kN.

On the folding boom, the feed extension is 1150mm, also at a maximum feed rate of 0.9m/s, with a feed force of 20kN, and a tractive pull of 30kN.

The rig is equipped with various hydraulic rock drills: the COP SC25-E and the COP SC25-EX for the folding boom, and the COP 3060 and COP 3060 EX for the standard boom. The 25kW COP SC25-E and COP SC25-EX drills offer a maximum hydraulic pressure of nearly 200 bar, at impact rates of up to 55 hertz (Hz) and maximum torques of up to nearly 2000 Newton metres (Nm).

The 30kW COP 3060 and COP 3060 EX offers maximum hydraulic pressures of nearly 240 bar, at impact rates of 50Hz and a maximum torque of 2450Nm.

The carousel-type rod handling system has numerous options for the standard and folding booms. The standard boom for maximum hole length (of 35m) features seven 4.2m extensions rods and a 6.1m starter rod.

The rod handling system for the standard long feed boom for a hole length of 36m comprises five 6.1m extensions rods and a 7.3m starter rod. On the folding boom, for a maximum length of 29m, the rod system includes seven 3.6m extensions rods and a 4.2m starter rod.

For fuel efficiency and high productivity, the SmartROC T45 has been designed to only use up energy for its assignments. Its Caterpillar turbo-charged diesel engine (Cat C9, Tier 3 and Tier 4), 12 bar Epiroc C146-07 screw-type compressor and standard automatic radiator fan are programmed to automatically adjust to changes in the operating mode.

For example, if the rig is tramming or idle, the compressor puts no load on the engine and reduces engine speed.

The other standard components on the T45 include a crawler-type two-speed undercarriage with track oscillation system, an air flow switch, a rock drill lubrication system, a dust pre-separator and a dust collection system (DCT200). The main digital components include COP Logic, a toe-hole drilling system and AutoPos.

According to Epiroc, the 1900 rpm hydraulic system does not use or require as much oil as other rigs, and the hydraulic tank is therefore a third of the standard size for its type. Biological oil can also be used at exactly the same cost as regular oil.

The options available for the rig include more automation and software features (eg Rig Remote Access, Measure While Drilling and ROC Manager), hole and inclination systems (including GPS and laser plane receiver for hole depth), hole navigation systems prepared for Trimble SPS and Leica, conversion kits, parts and services (eg COP Care, ROC Care), a water mist system and radio remote control.

Both the standard and optional features are designed to create more uptime for the producer plus greater easy drilling access. The T45 is also equipped with valves located closer to actuators for intuitive troubleshooting. Epiroc also offers service solutions to ensure that the equipment is safe, productive and reliable.

Source: Epiroc

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