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Submersible pumps prove their mettle in arduous conditions

A simple pump failure in a quarry can be costly, as production is stopped while a replacement is organised. However, there is now a low-cost back-up solution that can be deployed fast in an emergency.Multinational submersible manufacturer Tsurumi has produced a portable single-phase slurry pump that is inexpensive and easy to install.

“These tough, portable submersibles can be set up quickly to clear flood water or as extra support for existing pumps,” said Albie Bester, product manager for Tsurumi’s Australian distributor Aussie Pumps. “They’re slurry pumps with built-in agitators and are designed to handle abrasive water.”

Tsurumi’s model HSD2.55S has a 50mm (2”) discharge port. The pump produces up to a 220 litres per minute (lpm) flow and has a maximum head of 13.2 metres. The motor is a single-phase squirrel-caged submersible design, drawing 7.2 amps at full load.

The heart of the pump is a semi-vortex high chrome iron impeller designed to pass sand- and silt-laden water easily through the pump chamber.

The shaft-mounted agitator prevents “air lock” and stirs the mixture liquidising the sediment so it can be passed. The agitator is also made of high chrome iron for long wear life in demanding applications.

Other key features include an anti-wicking block at cable entry. That block prevents the incursion of water due to capillary wicking in the event that the power cable is damaged or the end submerged. This unique feature prevents one of the major failures of motors in submersible pumps.

“We’ve had a lot of these pumps bought by batch plants for use in wedge pits as well as emergency back-up general dewatering submersibles,” said Bester. “They are also available as an auto version with a robust float system,” he said.

Like all Tsurumi pumps sold by Australian Pumps, the HSD pump is covered by an exclusive three-year warranty.

Australian Pumps’ partnership with Tsurumi allows the company to augment its “Mine Boss” pump range with submersible pumps that handle corrosive liquids.

Australia’s rapid expansion in copper production means the demand for 316 Stainless steel submersible pumps is increasing. Tsurumi SFQ series pumps are also used in quarries around Australia.

Tsurumi’s SFQ series 316 stainless steel pumps have been readily accepted in gold and copper mines where cast iron pumps simply don’t last.

“We heard reports of cast iron submersible pumps failing in only a matter of days, not even weeks,” said Aussie Pumps’ chief engineer John Hales.

With a power range of up to 11kW, Tsurumi’s corrosive resistant, heavy-duty pumps feature two-pole motors with high grade bearings. An especially high carbon grade of 316 SS is used that allows the pump to be fully cast with no welds to corrode.

Tsurumi’s LH series high head pumps are also popular across Australia. This unique design with its centre-mounted outlet makes it convenient to install. The slim line of the product provides the ability to fit in 610mm (24”) diameter bores. That is even true of the 110kW version.

The pumps are fitted with abrasion- resistant, high chrome, closed impellers, providing heads of up to 200 metres and flows as high as 6500 lpm.

The pumps range is available from the 316 SS all the way up to the big 200mm (8”) model LH8110. That 110kW pump produces flows of 3000 lpm at heads of up to 100m.

Pumps will be wound in 415 volt and 1000 volt configurations, as well as optional 690 volt versions.

To learn more about Aussie Pumps’ complete corrosive liquid pump package, a free copy of its quarrying and mining capability document Mining & Quarry Solutions is available at

Source: Australian Pumps

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