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IQA membership value more than just the education on offer

It’s an exciting time for the Institute of Quarrying Australia. I have to thank Clayton Hill for his leadership and passion in overseeing transformational change in the Institute in the past two years.

We are now in a better place in terms of governance, structural reform and direction. This includes improved collaboration and progress with the International Presidents as we establish the IQ Connect initiative.

Thanks also to all IQA members and board directors for supporting me and Grant Farquhar with our appointments as President and Deputy President for the next three years.

I am honoured to be given this opportunity to give back to the IQA and the industry that I owe so much. The IQA has been an integral part of my life, helping me grow personally and professionally, including making life-long friends from all parts of the industry. I ask, what other industry offers that level of value and connection, no matter where you work or who you are?

I have been a member since 1989 and Boral, the company for whom I’ve worked throughout this time, has supported my involvement and invested in my professional development by enabling me to attend IQA conferences, technical seminars, workshops and social events.

I have heard the question asked: “What value does the IQA offer?” For me, the answer is not just about the educational offering – that is, growing in terms of its applicability and variety – it also includes the value of networking that you don’t necessarily appreciate until you have to pick up the phone to ask for help, or someone hears that you are in need and reaches out.

I am excited about the years ahead as we strengthen the foundations on which to build a progressive, modern Institute that our stakeholders value. The IQA Board, the CEO and its administration are united and committed to provide the leadership, direction and support to the branches and sub-branches, so that we can continuously improve value to our members and the industry.

In February 2020, the IQA Board will review the strategic plan that has guided us for the past three years. As things are likely to change, so must we. Therefore our strategic plan will identify new ways to build on existing strategies that: retain and grow our membership; grow revenue from alternative sources; provide education programs and pathways for high school students and university graduates, and professional development for all the people who work in this great industry; encourage young people to participate; increase gender diversity; and widely promote the quarrying industry so that members and industry partners can progressively inform and encourage stakeholders to support and invest.

The IQA is committed to the future while delivering value today and every day. We need your feedback, support and participation for that to happen. If you have an issue that you would like the Board to consider in the strategic plan review, please contact any of the directors, CEO Kylie Fahey or myself via email:

I look forward to getting around Australia and meeting as many members as possible. Please make yourself known to me, ask questions or provide feedback at any time.

Finally, as 2019 draws to an end, on behalf of the IQA Board, its branches, sub-branches and administration, I wish you and your family a happy, healthy and safe New Year.

Shane Braddy 
Institute of Quarrying Australia

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