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Crushed stone stockpiler takes centre stage in Sydney Metro

A quarry-spec hopper feeder has been supplied and commissioned into Sydney Metro to load barges on the waterway. The Telestack HF-823 Revolution hopper feeder has been commissioned right on the foreshore of the Darling Harbour/Barangaroo area.

The machine, which has been supplied by crushing, screening and conveying products dealer Tricon Mining Equipment, is believed to be the first of its kind in Australia.

Tricon’s customer required an innovative solution to achieve its goals and keep up with KPIs, while being severely restricted by its surroundings. Not only did the client need to drastically increase efficiency, it needed to ensure the surrounding high rise building owners were kept happy, too.

To achieve this, Tricon supplied the 23m long Telestack HF-823 Revolution, which features a centre-mounted slew bearing that enables 360-degree rotation and movement of the hopper to enhance mobility on site.

This innovation ensures vital flexibility with the mobility feature, making it ideal for barge loading and unloading.

The HF-823 Revolution, which has a potential output of up to 800 tonnes per hour, enables the operator to manoeuvre the unit parallel to the vessel, removing the need to reposition the unit between barges, thus enhancing loading rates and efficiency, and allowing the client to load barges faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The HF-823 is portable via several means, including by trailer and barge.

The client required a reliable machine that could work at maximum production rates, 24 hours a day, without delay or failure as it sought to meet tight deadlines and KPIs on a daily basis. The KPIs included the suppression of dust, noise, sound and light suppression as well as meeting demanding production/output targets.

Being in the heart of the Sydney Metro/Darling Harbour area, there were many challenges and obstacles to overcome. This project was under the spotlight of all surrounding businesses and buildings, all of which needed to be kept happy with the solution that was provided.

In customising the HF-823, Tricon Equipment had to account for dust, noise and light pollution, as well as many environmental restrictions, and implement appropriate solutions. The company also had to extend the tracks of the machine to allowing slewing, bringing its total width to 4.4m. This meant that simple transportation of the feeder in Sydney proved a significant challenge.

“Not only have we supplied a solution to our client’s many requirements to meet their varied KPIs, we were also able to drastically increase the efficiency of their loading due to the technical innovations of the supplied machine,” said Tricon Mining Equipment’s managing director Michael Tripolone.

“We were able to reduce the time needed to load a barge from 60 to 65 minutes to 40 to 45 minutes, which we believe is impressive when considering the size of the Sydney Metro operation.”

In quarrying and concrete applications, the HF-823 can handle a complete range of materials, including aggregates, crushed stone, sand and gravel, and cement clinker. It can stockpile or load directly from a wheel loader or an excavator, and secondary crushers and screens.

Its complete on-site mobility includes the option of rubber tracks and its hydraulic folding head section allows for compact road transportation. It can also be packed into 12m long containers for easy, cost-effective relocation.

Tricon Equipment recently won an “Excellence in Transport and/or Conveying” award in recognition of the HF-823 installation at the 2019 Bulk Handling Awards.  

Source: Tricon Equipment


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