New safety poster with interactive smartphone features

The Mining Industry Guide to Workplace Safety for 2016 to 2017 is being distributed by Pro-Visual Publishing, the Australian Mines and Metals Association and the Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre.

The free posters can be put up on walls or noticeboards around the workplace.

For the first time, the guide comes with augmented reality features which enable readers to access interactive content, including 3D models of mines, on their smartphones.

The technology works through a free app that scans images on the poster using the device's camera.

It covers a range of topics such as establishing and implementing a comprehensive safety management system, identifying potential hazards on roads and in vehicle operating areas, as well as what to include when preparing an emergency response plan.

The guide also suggests using a hierarchy of control to eliminate or minimise risks and provides information on measures to avoid collisions between mobile equipment.

For more information, visit the Provisual Publishing website.

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