Sand quarry on the table

Sutton Forest Quarry Pty Ltd has commissioned consultants RW Corkery and Co to develop an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a 39 hectare sand quarry to be submitted to the New South Wales Department of Planning and Infrastructure.
The land is at 13302 Hume Highway near Hanging Rock Road in Sutton Forest. This is an area that has previously had a number of operating quarries.
Consultant David Schumacher said the proposal was in the “very early stage” and at this point was merely a preliminary study. It is understood that Sutton Forest Quarry Pty Ltd contacted the owners of the 55.9ha lot with the idea of turning it into a quarry.
The preliminary proposal involves extracting sand from a 39ha area of the land and would incorporate a 6.1ha processing area. This would include stockpiling areas, processing plant, offices, amenities and workshops.
The material that would be extracted is friable Hawkesbury sandstone up to 40 metres deep. There is about 28 million tonnes of recoverable sandstone. The sand would be used in the construction industry, mostly in concrete and in glass manufacturing. 
Extraction would involve ripping and pushing by bulldozer and hauling by truck to the processing plant. No blasting is proposed. About 20 full time positions would be created.
Community consultation
Sutton Forest Quarry will use the findings of the EIS to finalise the design of the project. Residents have been invited to identify potential issues they may have with specific parts of the project.
“We appreciate that local knowledge can assist us in ensuring that potential environmental effects are addressed adequately,” Schumacher said. 
“We will ensure that all comments received during our community consultation program will be discussed and investigated by the project team.”
Source: Southern Highland News

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