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New site proposed for the Marulan region

The report, prepared by GHD on behalf on Global Quarries Australia Pty Ltd, proposes the “extraction of up to 500,000 tonnes per year of hard rock for the supply of high grade cement feedstock to the Sydney and regional markets over an approximate 18-year period”.

The target resource is a tuffaceous aggregate and the site is estimated to exceed six million tonnes of saleable product. The report proposes that an average of 45 trucks per day will transfer product from the site via the existing forestry haul road, Winfarthing Road, and the Hume Highway to access the Sydney and regional cement markets.

“This is a small family-owned business with two principal directors who have come out of the construction industry,” GHD’s environment technical director Karl Rosen told Quarry. “They can see a market to supply the smaller tier building supplier companies. It will obviously be focused in Sydney, but could potentially supply the local Melbourne or Canberra markets as the business moves forward.

“In terms of benefits to the local community, employment is the major one and its flow-on effects. It’s still in the very early stages, but early estimates are that there could be up to 40 to 50 ongoing jobs associated with the project. For the local area that’s reasonably significant.”

The project has been lodged under the NSW State Environmental Planning Policy (2007), which recognises the need for more materials to meet the state's demand. Under this legislation, the quarry would not have to comply with local council planning laws.

The Goulburn Mulwaree Council will have the opportunity to lodge a submission for consideration to the state government.


{{image2-a:r-w:300}}The project will involve the progressive rehabilitation of the extraction area through emplacement of various clean fill materials. The emplacement material will be sourced through back loading of haulage vehicles with clean fill from construction projects throughout the Sydney basin.

This will allow the site to be progressively returned to a condition more closely representing the original landscape and will maximise resource recovery through diversion of clean fill away from landfills.

Rosen said clean fill – either virgin extracted natural material or excavated natural material – would be reintroduced in stages as extraction progressed.

“All clean material would be brought back to retain the existing landform, which would be rehabilitated with native species,” he said.

Community consultation

According to the GHD report, Global Quarries Australia is committed to consulting with the local community on issues arising from the quarry’s operations.

“A community engagement plan will be developed which will provide a framework to identify and appropriately consult with stakeholders that may be influenced by or have an interest in the project,” the report states.

The local community has expressed concern about the impact the quarry will have on a number of aspects of the local environment, including dust, traffic, biodiversity and heritage.

"It's a multi-million [dollar] company versus residents who don't have those kind of financial resources and expertise," Graeme Dally, spokesman for the Neighbours of Winfarthing Incorporated group, told the Goulburn Post.


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