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Weighing equipment companies unite under single banner

Diverseco Pty Ltd has long been the holding company for a group of businesses that traded as Robot Technologies-Systems Australia, AccuPak, AccuOnboard, and SCACO, as well as weighing equipment system suppliers AccuWeigh and Ultrahawke.

AccuWeigh and Ultrahawke have traditionally serviced the extractive sector through the provision of laboratory, measuring and weighing plant and equipment (including load scales and weighbridges), metal detectors and wheel washdown systems.

Since the establishment of AccuWeigh in 1992, Diverseco has continued to expand through a series of mergers and acquisitions. The subsequent group has existed and operated as independent business units, offering integrated measurement, packaging and robot automation solutions.

{{quote-A:R-W:175-I:3-Q:“Our customers often reported that they were unsure as to which operating company to use, and were looking for us to provide an easier way for them to access all our resources” -who:Brenton Cunningham, Diverseco}}In 2000, Diverseco acquired storied company Ultrahawke, which began as Hawke & Company in 1857 and started manufacturing and installing weighbridges 10 years later. In the late 1960s, Hawke & Company was acquired by Ultra Scales, which evolved into Ultrahawke.

The Diverseco executive committee and board of directors agreed that, effective from 1 July, 2019, to restructure and combine the subsidiary companies to trade under a single entity.

Shared priorities

Brenton Cunningham, Diverseco’s CEO, said: “While our primary business objective has always been to deliver our customers good value by combining an understanding of their needs with our team’s problem-solving expertise and the technologies in our portfolio, our customers often reported that they were unsure as to which operating company to use, and were looking for us to provide an easier way for them to access all our resources.

“The feedback was clear. Our customers wanted us to attain a deeper understanding of their business needs, improved access to our broad skill base, subject matter experts and full scope of solutions.”

Diverseco will continue to have offices and operations in every Australian mainland state, as well as in New Zealand, Singapore and China. The changes have involved each of the business units employing a shared set of operating systems and processes, combining assets and resources, cross-skilling technical teams, adopting a shared mission, and embracing a single brand and trading name.

Cunningham said the decision to amalgamate all of its portfoilios enabled the company to adopt a more proactive, co-ordinated response for customers. “In some administrative respects, it remains business as usual for our current customers,” Cunningham said.

“Put simply the businesses (including the assets and liabilities) of our wholly owned subsidiary companies have been transferred to Diverseco Pty Ltd. This transfer of business provides for a unified approach to our terms and conditions, policies and practices.”






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