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Pumping high volumes made easier

The cost-efficient 150mm (6”) self-priming pump is ideal for high volume transfer or dewatering duties. The new high ‘Long Range’ version of the pump features a 16-litre long range fuel tank that neatly fits within a steel roll frame. This extra fuel capacity allows it to run continuously for up to five hours without the need to refuel.

Efficient water transfer is vital for emergency dewatering and flood mitigation. The long ranger is capable of transferring up to 174,000 litres per hour. With a maximum vertical discharge of 23m, the big pump can move water from a lower dam or river to the flood site or storage dam.

The semi-trash pump features a huge open style, high grade cast iron impeller and volute, capable of passing small solids up to 20mm in suspension. It has the ability to draft water from depths of up to 7.6 metres, making it ideal for pumping from rivers, dams or tanks.

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