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Integrated weighing solutions for excavators

Intelligent positioning technology provider Position Partners has announced a new solution for excavators working on quarry and mine sites that combines Topcon’s iVolve FMS with RDS hydraulic excavator scales.

The technology enables accurate weighing of material onto trucks, transforming the machine into a control centre for loading operations.

The iVolve FMS solution provides high precision machine guidance for excavator and dozer operators to mine to a preprogrammed design without having to wait on supervisors and surveyors.

It offers real-time positioning information across the machine fleet on an easy to use, comprehensible interface inside the machine cab.

iVolve FMS enables excavator operators to accurately excavate even the most complex designs and maximise their accuracy from the digging and loading phases at a glance, using key information on a single screen. It also eliminates over- or under-excavation and associated rehandling, reduces fuel usage and machine wear, minimises intervention from surveyors and supervisors, and makes the operators more effective, reducing the workload on other quarry personnel.

Producers can also monitor and record all aspects of the haul truck load cycle, including tonnage, load pass details, material, load and dump location, activity/delay and loader vehicle state.

Topcon’s Loadex 100 RDS excavator loader scales technology stores accurate load information, especially in difficult conditions and terrain, to ensure road trucks are loaded consistently and within approved weight limits. It can also be customised to accommodate a wide range of earthmoving applications and attachments and a variety of other active tasks.

{{quote-A:R-W:225-I:2-Q:"By bringing together iVolve FMS and RDS excavator scales, we can offer managers an exciting productivity tool that maximises an excavator’s capacity by making it the centre of loading operations."-WHO:Andrew Granger, Position Partners’ national manager for mining}}Operators can set individual product targets or make automatic product selections, set alarms for overload thresholds, make quick and easy calibration adjustments to match site reference (eg a weighbridge), load accumulation for up to 10 attachments (eg buckets, grab tools) and manage recordkeeping, traceability and stock management – all from a single screen.

The Loadex 100’s features include a colour touch-screen display, dynamic weighing technology using inclinometers and mechanical sensors, memorised preselections for repeat job set-up, GPRS and Wi-Fi connectivity, SQL database functionality and XML data output, a printer option with configurable output, an internal audible alarm, calibration “nudge” and a system “pause” button.

For haul trucks already fitted with truck scales, the combined iVolveFMS/RDS excavator scales system acts to validate and compare truck tonnage. If trucks do not have on-board weighing technology, the excavator can store and transmit loading information to the truck, allowing site managers to consistently and reliably track material movement across the site.

“By bringing together iVolve FMS and RDS excavator scales, we can offer managers an exciting productivity tool that maximises an excavator’s capacity by making it the centre of loading operations,” Position Partners’ national manager for mining Andrew Granger said.

“In consultation with our customers, we identified a need for this solution in the quarrying and mining industries. Having supported a similar solution in construction for some time, we were able to work with our suppliers to create a tailored system that is specifically designed to meet the needs of Australian mine sites.”

Position Partners’ announcement of the combined iVolveFMS/RDS excavator scales system coincided with the company receiving the top prize for construction at the Topcon Xperience dealer conference in San Antonio, Texas, in December 2018. Along with this accolade, the company also received awards for the top five excavator sales and top five year-on-year sales growth.

“We are privileged to receive Topcon’s dealer of the year award among all of Topcon’s successful distributors,” Position Partners CEO Martin Nix said.

“It’s a great reflection of the support our customers give us as they strive to increase productivity and safety by pushing the boundaries with intelligent positioning systems in the construction industry.

“These awards are accepted as a recognition of the combined efforts of our teams and employees, who continually do their utmost to deliver exceptional customer service.”

Topcon executive VP and general manager of the construction and retail groups Jamie Williamson said: “The Position Partners team has always exhibited strength and dedication in providing the most innovative technology and service to their customers. That spirit has been notably evident in their performance, which makes Position Partners a superb choice for dealer of the year.”

With about 270 people in offices Australiawide, in south-east Asia and New Zealand, Position Partners is the largest Australianowned company focusing entirely on the distribution and support of intelligent positioning solutions for geospatial, construction and mining projects.

Source: Position Partners

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