Reversible impact crusher promises ‘all in one’ solution

Small and mid-sized quarries are looking for a reliable, cost-efficient solution for producing gravel, chippings and sand.

The variopactor, a newly developed reversible impact crusher for medium-hard to hard rock from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, can deliver crushed products in consistent quality at a high cubicity and with reduced maintenance times. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated into existing equipment.

The variopactor’s modular design enables it to be easily adapted to a wide variety of applications. By fitting different rotors, aprons or the optional grinding path, the variopactor can produce gravel, chippings or sand of consistent quality at high cubicity. At the same time, all the parameters that influence product quality – eg rotor speed, apron or grinding path position – can be flexibly adapted to the specific requirements of customers in the minerals industry.

Aprons and grinding paths can be easily adjusted at the press of a button. Since the variopactor’s housing, rotor and entire crushing chamber are symmetrical, the rotor can be operated in both directions and the direction of rotation can be changed at any time. Using the rotor in both directions means the blow bars always operate with a sharp edge and the need to replace or turn them is minimised.

{{image2-a:r-w:300}}Furthermore, thyssenkrupp is now offering, for the first time, the option of metal matrix composite (MMC) blow bars with high carbide inlays, which are cast into the matrix material in the main wear zone along the edge of the blow bars, where most of the crushing occurs.

This gives the blow bars a significantly longer service life than conventional high carbon chromium steel bars. The matrix material for the MMC blow bars can be made from different steel alloys to suit the application and a producer’s requirements.

The variopactor offers accessibility from both sides, so wear parts are easy to fit. As maintenance work can be carried out more quickly, downtime is reduced to a minimum. It can also easily be integrated into existing equipment to create an efficiency-enhancing system solution.

By enabling gravel, chippings and sand to be produced from a single modular machine, smaller operators have an “all in one” solution that delivers high product quality at high cubicity. The maintenance-friendly design also reduces downtime.

“The variopactor is ideal for use in small and mid-sized quarries and meets our customers’ demand for reliable, cost-efficient production and high quality products,” said Dr Armin Greune, the head of standard machines in thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ mining technologies business unit.

Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ Australian arm is headquartered in Perth, with a newly opened, 1000m2 service centre in Brisbane supplying wear and spare parts, and offering refurbished equipment and other services.

Source: thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

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