Flagship excavator for the toughest tasks

The 90-tonne crawler excavator is built for the toughest applications with the perfect combination of power and stability. Featuring a wide track gauge, long track length, retractable undercarriage and an optimised counterweight, this solid machine can be operated in the toughest conditions.

The EC950E can move up to 35 per cent more material than its predecessor in the range. Featuring a high bucket capacity for more tonnes per hour, the machine can achieve fast, efficient on-site production.

Powered by a 446kW D16 engine, a bucket breakout force of 478kN (ISO) and an arm tearout force of 420kN (ISO), the EC950E offers enhanced digging force and quick cycle times, thanks to the improved hydraulics system, which increases pump power for a fast and smooth operation.

Built with protected components, including a heavy-duty boom and arm, and strong frame structure, the machine can be relied on for durability and sustained uptime in demanding applications. A built-in, heavy-duty plate is featured for additional protection to the underside of the machine.

Whether working for a quarry, in mass excavation or any other application, the EC950E excavator, along with Volvo CE’s durable wear-resistant components, has the potential to maximise profitability and increase productivity.

Volvo CE’s customer solutions include CareTrack, which provides important service reminders to increase efficiency. This GPS monitoring program works with the machine’s diagnostic system to allow producers to remotely track usage, productivity, fuel consumption and more. The system also monitors geographic machine location and can even prevent unauthorised use.

Source: CJD Equipment

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