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Improve efficiency, reduce operating costs

CDE Core, which was launched at bauma 2019, uses automation and sensors to monitor and enhance productivity. The smart technology suite includes three key features: an easy to use monitoring system; a digital tool to manage and simplify operator workflows; and a bespoke 3D catalogue of parts that is tailored to the customer’s equipment.

The monitoring system, called Core SmartTech, includes a suite of smart sensors that provide real time data on key components to provide customers with an ‘at a glance’ report on plant status. SmartTech also provides historical data and trends on the CDE plant, linking with Core Workflow to monitor maintenance schedules.

The workflow management tool, known as Core Workflow, is a system to simplify and monitor operator activity, providing information to enable plant operators to create maintenance checklists and process flows for engineers and operators.

Core 3D is the bespoke parts catalogue that is unique to each plant. Operators can see 3D visualisations of the plant, which makes identifying and ordering spare or replacement parts much simpler.

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