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Slurry pump clears tailings dams

The submersibles feature built-in high chromium agitators that stir up silt for pump-out without the need to drain the pit.

Due to demand from quarries and batch plants, Australian Pump Industries carries the KRS series in stock.

“KRS pumps are removing concentrated slurry from tailing dams in WA gold mines,” Aussie Pumps’ product manager Neil Bennett said. “The agitator stirs the silt that passes through the pump, so the dams don’t need to be drained to be cleared.”

The KRS slurry pumps are powered by four-pole, 1450 rpm slow speed motors ranging from 9.5kW to 34kW. Available in 80mm to 200mm bore diameters, the pumps can deliver flows of up to 4000 litres per minute (lpm) and heads to 31 metres.

The pump bodies are manufactured from high grade cast iron with a high chromium impeller and agitator for wear resistance.

The pump includes an anti-wicking cable entry that prevents water incursion due to capillary wicking should the power cable be damaged or the end submerged. The cable entry is water-tight.

The dual, double silicon carbide mechanical seal is completely enclosed in the oil chamber. The seal is protected, cooled and lubricated by oil, eliminating spring failure caused by corrosion or abrasion.

Tsurumi has added an oil lifter, a patented guide vane inside the oil chamber that ensures the seal is lubricated, even if the oil level falls or the pump is installed at an angle.

The top discharge design means the liquid passes through the pump casing and cools the motor. The pump doesn’t have to be submerged or installed vertically.

“The KRS series’ heritage dates back to land reclamation projects carried out in Japan in the past 50 years,” Bennett said.

“The pumps are built with Tsurumi’s fanatical approach to quality.”

More information on the Tsurumi series is available from Aussie Pumps or its mining partners across Australia.

Source: Australian Pump Industries

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