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High performance sand plant to be built in Victoria

The Barro Group has contracted allmineral Aufbereitungstechnik to plan a high performance sand processing plant in Victoria.

In future, thanks to ingenious processes and innovative technology, up to 700 tonnes per hour of raw sand and gravel will be efficiently dressed into marketable products from a pit operated by Lang Lang Sands.

The core of the plant consists of 10 allflux fluidised bed separators, which are highly efficient at separating lightweight fractions from fine-grained gravel sand, and four alljig plants for processing the sands.

The resource-saving technology used for the process and control equipment is such that the fluidised bed produces meticulously graded high quality sands in monitored grain sizes for various applications.

Barro Group has been family-owned and operated since 1946, and is one of the leading independent suppliers and distributors of aggregates and cement, plus a range of associated products, with 45 operating sites in Australia.

{{quote-A:R-W:300-I:2-Q:"Our plant and machinery for the efficient sorting and grading of raw sands is already in operation worldwide,"-WHO:Marco Steinberg, allmineral CEO}}Following initial pilot tests and analyses of the successful manufacture of marketable aggregates conducted by allmineral in Germany, the Duisburg-based technology specialist developed a process with synchronised processing stages – from the attrition of raw sand to the separation of contaminants and the meticulous grading of the cleaned sand.

The allflux process uses fluidised beds for contaminant separation and hydraulic grading. The ring-shaped design allows large fluidised bed areas and consequently large throughputs within one and the same component. The process control is automatic. The technology used for the control equipment enables the reproducible production of cleaned and meticulously graded sands for a wide array of applications exported from Australia itself.

With the alljig process, the material to be processed is first loosened and perfused with pulsed water. During this process the grains are homogenously sorted by density. The alljig F 2200-type sand jigs used in Australia can be finetuned with meticulous precision to minor differences in density between the gravel and the constituents to be separated. The settled heavy material is then precisely separated from the stratified material bed.

In addition to the total of 14 high performance machines, the project managed by allmineral Australia also includes extensive engineering services for the planning and design of the processing plant.

Once the project is completed, the number of allflux fluidised bed separators in operation in Australia’s raw materials processing industry will increase to more than 60, and the number of alljig plants will rise to 50.

allmineral’s patented processing technology is renowned in the Australian mining industry.

“Our plant and machinery for the efficient sorting and grading of raw sands is already in operation worldwide,” allmineral CEO Marco Steinberg said. “They will enable Barro Group to meet the rising global demand for high quality sands and allow raw materials extraction in south-eastern Australia to enjoy significant and sustainable growth.”

allmineral is an international leader in the manufacture of customised processing plants for the raw materials industry. More than 850 installations designed in Duisburg for dry and wet processing of primary and secondary raw materials are running reliably and efficiently around the globe.

In Australia, allmineral products are available through STEINERT Australia, headquartered in Bayswater, Victoria.

Source: allmineral/STEINERT Australia

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