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The Tsurumi two-pole to six-pole agitator slurry pump is capable of handling sandy liquids in quarries and concrete plants. The Megator Dolphin floating suction strainer can draw clean water from below the surface, bypassing sand, mud, other floating matter and contaminated liquid (eg oil slicks).

Slurry and agitator pumps

Tsurumi is one of the world’s largest submersible slurry pump manufacturers, with a wide range of pumps suitable for handling everything from sandy, salty water, to heavy-duty slurry found in the quarrying, mining and concrete manufacturing sectors.

The high chrome, cast iron agitators ensure the smooth suction of the settled matter. This same philosophy is used in single- and three-phase pumps alike, providing the ability to move solids in suspension that conventional pumps can’t handle.

{{image2-a:r-w:300}}The ultimate extension of the product range is the four-pole and six-pole pumps, with huge flows, capable of pumping thick slurry. Tsurumi’s four-pole GSZ series will handle flows of up to 18,000 litres per minute (LPM) and heads of up to 54m.

The impeller, agitator and suction plate are made of high chrome cast iron to resist abrasion. Even if the impeller and suction plate wear down to the point of diminishing pump performance, the plate can be easily replaced or its gap from the impeller adjusted, giving users an easy, inexpensive means of extending use.

Tsurumi’s GSD series, a new range of heavy-duty, high-powered agitator pumps, feature power ratings of up to 75kW. The pumps feature high heads and volumes, and may change the way the international market thinks about mining, quarrying and heavy mineral movement.

The impeller, agitator and mouth ring are made of high chrome cast iron to ensure long use. Tsurumi has developed an innovative mechanism for this series that continuously adjusts the clearance between the mouth ring and the impeller. The pumps in this new series are also equipped with pressure relief ports that release pump pressure applied to the mechanical seals. This enhances reliability in extended use applications.

Like all Tsurumi pumps, the GSZ and the GSD series offer Tsurumi’s anti-wicking cable entry. This prevents water incursion due to wicking, should the power cable be damaged or the end submerged.

Tsurumi also offers two double silicon carbide mechanical seals. These are located in an oil chamber fitted with a unique “oil lifter”. The guide vanes on the oil lifter ensure the seals are continuously lubricated and cooled during operation of the pump.

Savings for operators are substantial with both these features providing protection from motor burnout in the two most common areas of water entry to the motor.

Aussie Pumps’ Tsurumi division has achieved notable success in the mining and construction markets.

“Australian operators love the robust construction and features,” said Aussie Pumps’ chief engineer John Hales. “Tsurumis just last longer.”

Dolphin strainer

Designed for pump applications in mines, quarries or construction sites, the Megator Dolphin floating suction strainers can cut operating costs.

Developed by Megator to be compatible with its positive displacement “sliding shoe” pump, the Dolphin is equally at home in dewatering or oil disbursement applications.

{{image3-a:r-w:300}}The Dolphin strainer is considered unique in that it always floats upright. It can’t lose buoyancy and is tough and shockproof. The materials of construction make it corrosion-proof. The products are available in 1.5-inch to six-inch ports.

The suction strainer will draw clean water from just below the surface, avoiding sand, mud and any floating matter. That also makes it ideal for emergency services in flood waters or for pumping contaminated liquids where the surface has to deal with floating debris or oil slicks.

The strainers cannot get buried when grounded in shallow water. They are made entirely of very tough corrosion resistant plastic materials and stainless steel.

The Megator Dolphin can reduce the wear on pumps and prevent pump damage. They prevent stoppages, and can substantially lessen the risk of cavitation.

The six-inch version can handle flows up to 3000 LPM. That unit, the largest in the range, has a perforated body constructed entirely of 18/80 stainless steel. Smaller sizes have replaceable strainer screens made of Darvic black PVC.

The operational principles are simple. The float chamber contains a moulding of polyurethane foam that provides millions of separate air cells. If the flood chamber is pierced, there can be no loss of buoyancy.

The rounded shape of the cover is strong and resistant to rough handling. The strainer also includes an “eye” for mooring or the attaching of extra weight if used in choppy seas or fast flowing flood water.

The patented construction includes a free-turning tube that eliminates the twisting effects of the hose and ensures the correct “attitude” of the strainer at all times. Detachable strainer plates are mounted in the sides and the bottom of the Dolphin. They are strongly ribbed to prevent the unit from being sucked down into mud if stranded in shallow water.

Megator has even included an access port that enables the strainer to be cleaned out in the event of it being choked with sediment. This can be cleaned without having to disconnect the suction hose connected to the pump!

According to Hales, Dolphin strainers are not limited to use with sliding shoe positive displacement pumps. They can function in any pumping application, including on construction mining sites.

The Dolphin can also be used for oil storage and other installations that are required to draw from near the surface of the liquid.

“Pump cavitation is a huge issue, not only in pump performance but also in premature wear,” Hales said. “The Dolphin reduces the risk of cavitation, prevents pump damage and can save its purchase cost many times over.”

Early pump wear and consequent failure is often generated by the entry of solvents to the pump chamber that are not compatible with the pump’s design. It is that abrasive wear, coupled with cavitation issues, that can result in massive pump failure with consequential downtime and expensive repairs.

Free documentation on the functionality of the Tsurumi pump range and the Megator Dolphin float strainer is available from Aussie Pumps.

Source: Australian Pump Industries

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