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Company meanders its way to double production

Counting three decades in all facets of construction, Treloar Transport, with quarrying as its core business, plans to double its production of extractive resources in two quarries in Dunorlan, 50km south of Devonport.

All operations produce roadbase-type products from silica and chert rock while products include sub-base, base course, shoulder material, drain rock and pipe bedding.

The main quarry is at Shakley Hill, situated west of Sheffield, with smaller pits at Punches Terror, Cockatoo, Gowrie Park, Leigh River and Moina.

Treloar Transport currently produces 100,000 tonnes of product per annum, with customers including councils, civil and landscaping contractors, the forestry industry and private sales.

Meander Valley Council town planner Justin Simons told Quarry Treloar was yet to contact council on fulfilling the conditions required by the council before “embarking on the new production phase”.

“Council has not received any correspondence confirming if works have commenced or not,” Simons said. He added that road works had not yet commenced and a timetable to complete the works had not been finalised.

“The permit is only a couple of weeks old. They will need to complete the conditions before acting on the permit,” Simons said, adding that Treloar could continue with the current quarry under previous approvals.

“They may not act on the permit or increase production until they undertake a campaign which warrants an increase in production rates,” he said.

Simons said Treloar Transport did not challenge the conditions within the stipulated period.

“Council has not been notified by the Resource Management and Planning Appeals Tribunal of either the applicant or [its representative] lodging an appeal. This is the legal means by which the proponent would challenge any conditions,” Simons said.

According to council’s minutes, “all works recommended in the endorsed Traffic Impact Assessment prepared by CSE Tasmania are to be completed” prior to the commencement of use.

The development applications that were approved by the Meander Valley Council were for quarries located at Weegena Road and off Beaumonts Road respectively in Dunorlan.

The permit requirements for Treloar Transport include:
• A realignment of the intersection of Quarry and Beaumonts roads, Dunorlan.
• The installation of a give way sign on Chesney Road, ahead of Beaumonts Road.
• The maintenance of fence lines of clear vegetation at the intersection of Chesney and Beaumonts roads.
• The installation of a white hold line and give way sign at the intersection of Dunorlan and Weegena roads.
• Localised pavements widening on the intersection of Weegena and Dunorlan roads.

Treloar Transport’s application was supported with a development proposal and environmental plan to council. The Tasmanian EPA board approved it.

The company was contacted by telephone and email for further comment but did not respond before deadline.

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