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Maximising value from C&D materials in the circular economy

Filmed in conjunction with the Sheehan Group, a family-run business specialising in construction and civil engineering, it lets viewers watch the full process, tracking the CD&E materials from their removal from the construction site to recycling by wet processing and their reuse in a residential construction project.

The Sheehan Group, which is based in Oxford, UK, recognised a need to optimise the reuse of raw materials and business opportunities in this area. In 2012 the company invested in an advanced CD&E recycling system from CDE.

The facility uses the latest wet processing methods to create a range of certified sand and aggregates, which are used in concrete products for the construction industry. The company can also use filter cake material to engineer landfill cells and cap landfill sites.

{{quote-A:R-W:300-I:2-Q:"CDE Reco is continuously exploring innovative ways to increase diversion from landfill by exploring higher value opportunities for recovered CD&E waste materials,"-WHO:Eunan Kelly, CDE Reco’s business development manager for Europe}}“We received regular requests for alternative sustainable products,” Sheehan Group’s financial director Tara Sheehan said. “This facility enabled us to fulfil these requests.”

The bespoke recycling plant contains a range of equipment that combines to create an inventive wet processing solution. The plant includes a feed system, an AggMax portable logwasher, Infinity screens and an Evowash sand washing plant.

In addition, the system employs full closed-circuit water recycling with the inclusion of the Aquacycle thickener and filter press.

“CDE Reco is continuously exploring innovative ways to increase diversion from landfill by exploring higher value opportunities for recovered CD&E waste materials,” CDE Reco’s business development manager for Europe Eunan Kelly said.

“We work in close collaboration with each customer to develop a tailored solution to maximise the volume of material they can return to the construction market.”

In 2017 Sheehan Group reached the milestone of diverting more than 500,000 tonnes of waste from UK landfill sites using the CDE recycling plant.

“The CDE installation has allowed us to take better control of our business and integrate our recycled products into construction projects,” Sheehan Group managing director Chris Sheehan said.

“For example, we now make concrete blocks and ready-mixed concrete using recycled sand and aggregates which were formerly waste materials.”

Since its inception, CDE Reco has contributed to the diversion of more than 14 million tonnes from landfill for reuse in the construction industry.

The CDE equipment range has applications across a wide range of materials and offers significant efficiencies in the construction and recycling, mining, specialist industrial sands and environmental sectors.

Working across five sectors and eight regions, CDE has been working with customers for more than 25 years on collaborative, imaginative and unique wet processing solutions.

The Australian division of CDE Global is in Ormeau, Queensland.

To view the Sheehan Group case study video, visit

Source: CDE Global



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