Modular conveyor equipment in multiple configurations

Bulk materials supplier Nepean Conveyors, based in Smeaton Grange, New South Wales, has introduced the ROXON range of mobile and fixed standardised conveyors to the Australian market.

The modular conveyor equipment consists of radial and telescoping stackers and light to medium-capacity conveyors that are a perfect fit for all quarries, mines and construction activities.

The standard products are pre-designed and can be tailored to meet the demands of various applications – in particular, the quick processing of materials and the strategic placement of stockpiles.

ROXON’s semi-mobile or fully mobile series of stacker conveyors offer some of the most cost-efficient and effective ways of stockpiling material on the market. They are available in multiple configurations with varying throughput capacities, belt widths and lengths, and can be supplied with radial and telescoping features, with or without wheels or crawler tracks, making them extremely commercially viable.

Customers can select from new pre-engineered conveyors, eg:

  • Off-the-shelf conveyors that can be quickly assembled at site and come delivered in pre-assembled modules with the main components installed.
  • Modules that can be packed in standard containers, which protect the equipment before installation, allow easy transportation to site and encourage quick installation.

Mobile solutions in the range offer significant operating cost savings compared to traditional methods of materials handling (eg wheel loaders, haul trucks, static conveyors), and provide environmental, health and safety benefits. Customers can additionally benefit from the mobility and flexibility aspect of these conveyor systems.


The versatility of the products means they can be moved to other project sites with relative ease.

All conveyors include a quality management system, which is externally audited by International Standards.

In summary, some of the products available are:

  • The HC100 belt conveyor, which is standardised for bulk material conveying. The lightweight structures have been designed for safe use and easy maintenance, a simple solution for higher productivity and utilisation.
  • The HC200 link conveyor, which is a standardised design made for moveable conveying applications. It can be easily relocated to another position, depending on the need. The individual conveyor length is about 30 to 40 metres.
  • The HI100 high incline conveyor, which is used for steep-inclined and vertical conveying, providing an advantage of going up in significantly smaller spaces and larger angles than traditional belt conveyors.
  • The HS and HQ series of fixed, semi-mobile, fully mobile and telescoping stackers, which are standardised for quick site installation. These are available in multiple configurations for various stockpile geometries.

Also included in the standard range of products are numerous spreading systems:

  • HF100 and HF200 belt feeders.
  • HF400 movable belt feeders.
  • HD100 apron feeders.
  • HH100, HH200 and HH300 loading hoppers.
  • HX270 belt monitoring systems.
  • HL500, HL700 and HL800 shiploaders.

Some of Nepean Conveyors’ plant conveyor systems have been successfully installed at the following sites:

  • A Western Australian gold mine, comprising four crushing stations, a screen station, four bins and feeders, and up to 14 belt conveyors.
  • A Victorian aggregate crushing and screening operation, comprising one cone crushing station, a VSI crushing station, three horizontal screen stations and up to 17 belt conveyors.

Source: Nepean Conveyors

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