Bid to reopen former Victorian quarry

The former Pioneer quarry, which is located in Dromana, Victoria has been owned by Hillview Quarries since 1999. The Boundary Road pit has been an active site since the 1960s but it is understood quarrying activities have not been undertaken in recent years.

As previously reported by Quarry, last year Hillview sought to amend a condition on the site’s planning permit so that it would not contain an expiry date. This meant work could have been carried out until all resources were exhausted and the quarry had been rehabilitated.

However, the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) ruled that Hillview’s permit had expired, as using the land for the purpose of extraction had not started within two years of the permit being issued.

Local benefits on offer

Hillview CEO Paul Nitas told Quarry reopening the site would be advantageous to the local community.

{{quote-a:r-w:300-I:2-Q:“Reopening Boundary Road Quarry will ensure that we can continue to supply projects to build the roads and homes that our children will need.”-WHO:Paul Nitas, Hillview CEO}}“Hillview Quarries has a long history of underpinning infrastructure and housing development on the Peninsula,” Nitas said. “Reopening Boundary Road Quarry will ensure that we can continue to supply projects to build the roads and homes that our children will need here on the Mornington Peninsula and beyond.”

When asked if he would seek to increase the site’s original operations, Nitas said: “We envisage a similar scale of operation to what we see with our current operation at Hillview Drive [the current operating quarry].

“As the demand for resources increases with fewer quarries being in a position to supply the needs of the projects and the market, newer technologies, improved efficiencies with new facilities will mean that we will remain cost-effective and continue to operate in a manner consistent with community expectations,” he added.

It is understood Nitas has also asked the Victorian Planning Minister Richard Wynne to back Hillview Quarries’ environmental effects statement (EES).

“Our approach in advocating for an EES process from day one is to ensure a process that is open and transparent and allows us to fully embrace the views and concerns articulated by the community and our other stakeholders,” Nitas added. “We are actively encouraging community participation and appreciate that the outcome of this approval process will be determined by our ability to address environmental and social concerns with due care and respect.”

If the bid to reopen the site is successful, the quarry would potentially supply one million tonnes of rock over the next 70 years.

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