Latest washing advances launched at Hillhead

“Terex Washing Systems is focused on bringing to market products that deliver value and solutions to our customers,” TWS director Oliver Donnelly said.

“The AggWash 300 and the AquaClear were brought to Hillhead to do just that. Our customers were excited to see up close these latest innovations and had the opportunity to speak to our technical experts to discuss bespoke solutions for their specific needs.”

The AggWash 300 is designed for higher production requirements, particularly in the construction and demolition materials recycling market. It combines rinsing, screening, scrubbing and sand washing capabilities on a single plant.

While its readily portable format makes it suitable for greenfield applications, contractor use and temporary planning permission sites, operators more used to static installations will appreciate the small footprint and minimal site preparations required.

TWS engineer manager Paul McWilliams said: “Installation time is significantly less than conventional builds thanks to the high level of factory pre-fitting and connections. The no-compromise design ethos ensures maximum serviceability and performance despite numerous innovative features, including easily removed pumps, ready access to screening media and intuitive controls.”

The AggWash 300 incorporates two 4.9m x 1.5m (16’ x 5’) triple-deck Terex Cedarapids LJ-TS series horizontal screens, with a triple-shaft vibrator mechanism that provides high G-force along with efficient oval motion. The compact installation height of horizontal screens, compared to inclined circular motion screens, is conducive to the the AggWash 300’s condensed working envelope.


The “rolling chutes” feature provides easy access for screen maintenance. The machine has a high capacity log washer with twin-shaft angle adjustment to scrub gravel fraction and float out organics and adhered contaminants.

There is a 1.8m x 1.2m (6’ x 4’) trash screen for dewatering of lightweight contaminants from the log washer, and the plant has an integrated sand plant incorporating rubber-lined pumps and hydrocyclones, available in various configurations and capacities.

TWS also showcased its AquaClear water management system, which offers end to end solutions for washing and water management from a single supplier. The range includes clarifying tanks, flocculent dosing systems, filter presses and all associated equipment.

The first installation is in New England, USA, where TWS is planning an open day for its customers later in the year. A new dedicated team will lead this aspect of the business, which will ensure optimum equipment selection and specification for customers.

Water management solutions are typically comprised of three main components. A floc-dosing plant and thickener tank can be used to recycle up to 80 per cent of water used in the washing process. This basic method still involves the use of ponds, but on a smaller scale, as the sludge sent to the ponds is of a much higher specific gravity (1.5gm2).

The next stage is to incorporate a filter press that hydrates this thickened sludge, typically down to 25 per cent moisture. The filter press eliminates the need for ponds, as the sludge is hydrated to a material/cake that can be handled by a loading shovel. This cake can be used as a lining or capping material.

Donnelly said TWS would begin manufacturing the AquaClear system in Northern Ireland later this year, working alongside strategic alliance partners in the US.

“We are already handling inquiries for AquaClear from Europe and North America,” he said. “Through our strategic alliance, we can send a filter press fully built, rather than in its component parts in containers. Working with industry partners for many years, we are confident that we have the technical capability to devise optimised solutions which present customers with a unique opportunity to maximise their return on investment.”

In Australia the distributors of TWS products are Terex Jaques (Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania) and OPS Screening & Crushing Equipment (Western Australia, NT).

Source: Terex Washing Systems Australasia/Terex Jaques

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