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First lot of land sales at old Lilydale Quarry

Upon completion, the land will comprise up to 3000 new residences and a host of local retail, community and commercial facilities. The old Lilydale Quarry will become Kinley, a new suburb set among natural parkland.

Kinley’s Stage 1 Prospect Release is offering the first 35 premium lots, which were released through an on-site ballot from Saturday 20 October, 2018.

The first stage release is adjacent to Hull Road, Lilydale with selected lots enjoying views to the Dandenong and Yarra Ranges.  Stage 1 also offers a range of lot sizes from 400m² to 677m².

Joint venture partners Bayport, Intrapac, Brencorp Properties and Hume Partners successfully transacted and acquired the property situated at 4 Melba Avenue, Lilydale from former owner Sibelco.

The property is approximately 162ha of prime real estate and was identified as a major in-fill redevelopment site by all levels of government. (Only about 25ha of the property is affected by the quarry pit.)

Spoil replenishment

The first phase of the quarry rehabilitation has already commenced with more than 300,000m3 of spoil already placed back into the pit.

“There is a total volume of nine million cubic metres to go back into the quarry pit. All this material will be sourced from overburden stockpiles within the site,” said Daniel Petroni, development manager at Bayport.

“The development will take between 12 to 15 years to complete; however, the quarry pit will be backfilled within six years.”

Expertise was sought from equipment supplier MSC Group to ensure appropriate equipment selection for preparation of the rock blanket material. This has been crushed and placed at the base of the quarry as a primary drainage layer prior to filling the quarry.

The work is being undertaken under the supervision of the project geotechnical consultants Tonkin and Taylor.

As Kinley develops, the brick buildings, silos and kilns connected with the former quarry’s operations will be preserved.

“Heritage buildings will be restored and repurposed for community, commercial and retail use,” said Petroni. “We are currently running a design competition with a short list of internationally recognised architectural firms.”

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