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Sensor sorting, metal separation solutions on show

{{image2-a:r-w:200}}As part of the concluding proceedings of the Ballarat Gold Symposium held earlier that week, Steinert Australia hosted around 40 guests at an open day at its Bayswater HQ at the beginning of June.

The day comprised information sessions from Steinert Australia’s managing director Johan van Zyl and process engineer Gideon van Wyk who presented on the Steinert KSS combination sorter. The Steinert KSS can sort coarse composite mineral ores from waste materials using a range of sensors.  The unit’s sensitivity can also be fine-tuned for high upgrade ratios or maximum recoveries.

On the factory tour, van Wyk demonstrated the Steinert KSS machine in full flight on quartz and waste materials.

Anthony Grisancich, a Steinert Australia sales engineer with responsibility for quarries, explained that the quarry samples consisted of white coloured rocks (“the good product”) and darker iron oxide rocks that the quarry wanted to eliminate from its feed.

“There is such a [differentiation] between the two rock colours that our sorter can use colour a sensor and a separate laser to measure and eject the targeted rock into the ‘accept’ pile and eject the darker rocks as waste,” Grisancich told Quarry. “That can be done quite efficiently through the sorter.”


Steinert Australia also displayed in the factory its range of magnetic separators for quarries, including mains power (MP) and permanent, self-cleaning overhead suspension magnets and wet and dry drum separators.

{{image3-a:r-w:200}}Grisancich said the MP magnet (230 volts) can be run directly from any three-phase socket within the work site and is suitable for belts of up to 1200mm in width.

“For the quarry industry, the mains power is quite viable because there’s a limited amount of room,” Grisancich said. “Mobile crushers are required to be moved around quite a bit, so the main power magnet can be moved around on the crusher or be permanently on-site.”

“Traditionally, quarries have had self-cleaning permanent magnets,” he said. “Now with the efficiency and cost-benefits of having an all-in-one magnet, we have proven results that it is taking a lot more metal off the belt and it’s also available to go into any site possible.”

In addition to producing magnetic separators and sensor technologies, Steinert Australia is also the distributor for Hazemag equipment and allmineral sand washing solutions in Australia.

Damian Christie was a guest at the Steinert Australia Open Day at its Bayswater headquarters on 2 June, 2017.

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