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Community expresses road concerns over approved quarry

The proposal to extract a maximum of 28,000 tonnes of shale road base and fines per annum from Bullamalita Road quarry, a 1.98ha area in Quialigo, approximately 24km southeast of Goulburn in New South Wales, was approved by Goulburn Mulwaree Shire Council on 18 July, 2017.

The applicant, Kristen Florance Pty Ltd, is a family-owned business involved in ‘small’ construction and equine projects in the local and Goulburn area.

The site had previously been commercially operating but extraction activities had ceased on the site in recent years. A new DA was lodged with Goulburn Mulwaree Shire Council in July 2015.

According to the DA, the quarry will provide shale product for the local and Goulburn area only, and will comprise of 60 per cent screened materials, 30 per cent raw materials and 10 per cent screened fines.

The expected life of the operations is 10 years.

Road concerns

In December 2015, local councillors had deferred the DA for Bullamalita Road quarry, pending a voluntary planning agreement (VPA) regarding the quarry’s road.

According to reports, the state of Bullamalita road was local residents’ biggest concern – it was described as too narrow and ‘unsuitable’ to handle heavy vehicles going to and from the quarry.

Bullamalia Road quarry is located approximately 400m from the road’s entrance.

Several residents wrote letters to the local council expressing their concern over this matter.

One resident noted that, “Although recently graded, [Bullamalita Road] is in a shocking state, being badly corrugated and potholed.”

One other resident added, “If the development application for the quarry is granted, I feel you must give serious consideration to sealing the road, otherwise it will only be a matter of time before a serious accident will occur.”

In response, the applicant has committed to 50km per hour on the road’s unsealed section and 80km per hour on the sealed stretch.

Section 94 Contributions will apply, noted in the VPA, as the site is considered a heavy load use. This means the applicant will be required to make $150,000 in road contributions over the quarry’s 10-year life.

It must also undertake gravel repair and complete a maintenance grade on the unsealed section.

The council has also indicated it would spend $84,000 on the road over the next year.

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