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Submersible for heavy construction

Manufactured by Tsurumi and based on that company’s extremely successful KTV range of dewatering pumps, the new 80mm pump is considered a breakthrough in single-phase pump design.

The new pump, model NK3-22, offers heads of up to 24 metres combined with flows of up to 525 litres per minute.

“This new pump really pushes the boundaries for performance of a single-phase submersible,” Aussie Pumps product manager Neil Bennett said. “We’ve christened it the ‘king’ of the Tsurumi single-phase range. It makes an ideal emergency dewatering pump as it’s quick to set up, will run on a normal 240-volt circuit and pushes out a huge amount of water.”

Aimed at the hire and construction markets, the portable pump has been designed to handle abrasive liquids. It has a ductile cast iron impeller and vulcanised wear plate.

Tsurumi is the world’s largest manufacturer of electro-submersible pumps for dewatering and drainage applications. Its state of the art robotised factory in Kyoto, Japan, has a manufacturing capacity of more than one million units per year. Combined with its other automated factories, Tsurumi can build up to 1.5 million submersible pumps annually.

The NK3-22 features an 80mm top discharge port, a ‘slimline’ body design and a 2.2kW dry-type submersible induction motor encased in aluminium pump housing. The dry weight of the pump is only 29kg. The heart of the system is a semi-vortex impeller that allows the passage of small solids up to 6mm. The impeller design accelerates the water passing through the pump casing, creating a vortex that assists the transit of solids in suspension.

The pump has a double mechanical seal of silicon carbide located in an oil chamber that features Tsurumi’s patented “oil lifter”. The lifter provides forced lubrication to the mechanical seal.

Water incursion through the cable entry is the main source of failure in submersible pumps. All Tsurumi pumps are fitted with an anti-wicking cable entry block. It protects the motor from moisture wicking inside the cable in the event of the cable being damaged or the end submerged.

The NK3-22 comes with a three-year warranty.

Source: Australian Pump Industries

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