Secondary stage crusher goes ?smarter, super?

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology’s next generation CS550 cone crusher is the latest and smartest of its kind on the market, offering aggregate producers higher reduction rates, increased capacity and reliability in performance across mining and construction applications.

The CS550 cone crusher is a powerful secondary stage crusher for applications of 700 to 750 tonnes. In addition to flexibility and sheer tonnage, it offers advanced automation and maintenance features for maximum productivity and uptime.

The intelligent and uncompromising power of the CS550 ensures producers are optimising their production and reducing their operating costs at the same time.

A key goal in any crushing operation is for the sum of the crusher capacity and reduction ratio to achieve more output in each crushing stage, while never losing sight of overall efficiency. The CS550 does exactly this, complementing the existing CH500 and CH540 crushers.

The CS550 is a reliable, high capacity and high reduction workhorse for the secondary crushing stages. While the cone crusher is suitable for use in the mining industry, its primary mission is construction applications – from a practical standpoint this means aggregate applications, with added benefits for contractors looking for mobile solutions.

The CS550 achieves up to a 25 per cent higher reduction ratio compared with similar types of crushers. This enables a more efficient process in the secondary stage and relieves the tertiary stage of some of its size reduction load, allowing a sharper quality focus.

Furthermore, it decreases the recirculating load by up to 50 per cent, with no decrease in the output of high value product. In other words, less material goes back into the crusher to be reprocessed. This extends the service life of the wear parts, particularly the costly manganese steel liner used in the crushing chamber.

“The CS550’s intake capacity has been increased to match the jaw crusher in the primary stage, with the ability to produce large volumes and deliver a high reduction ratio and an excellent shape of the end product,” said Martin Johansson, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology’s life cycle manager for cones and gyratory crushers.

“The wide range when it comes to closed side settings, together with more and bigger throws, gives you extreme flexibility, as the Sandvik CS550 can be set to fit a huge variety of application needs.”


Higher reduction

This also works well in around-the-clock mining operations, where it is all about tonnage and extreme reliability with minimum downtime.

Higher reduction in the secondary stage means more final product bypasses the tertiary crushing stage, and less recirculation means reduced wear and less downtime.

The competitive advantages of the CS550 in all applications are the complete elimination of plastic backing materials in the crushing chamber and substantial improvements in the maintenance ergonomics, including extensive commonalities with other Sandvik cone crushers.

The automatic setting regulation system, which comes as standard with the crusher, optimises crusher operation for efficiency and adapts to variations in feed conditions by means of continuous liner wear measurement and compensation.

The Hydroset system provides automatic, hydraulically powered, mainshaft positioning and overload protection, to permit the passage of non-crushable materials. The automation and control system offered as standard for Sandvik 500 series crushers ensures optimal capacity and reduction settings for the high-powered equipment.

Complementary piece

The CS550 is part of a greater portfolio of next generation crushing and screening products, offering innovative solutions to optimise customers’ mining and construction operations.

Simultaneously launched at ConExpo was the Sandvik QJ341+, the newest addition to the proven Sandvik QJ341 jaw crusher range, a complementary piece of equipment to the CS550 in the preliminary crushing stage.

The Sandvik QJ341+ comes with the added benefit of a double-deck pre-screen as standard, enabling the removal of fines to increase throughput, resulting in greater efficiency, less wear on the crusher and ultimately higher productivity. The QJ341+ is particularly effective in conjunction with the CS550 in quarrying applications with a high proportion of fines in the feed material.

The addition of the CS550 and QJ341+ to Sandvik’s crushing and screening product offering supported its drive to focus on the numbers that matter, by conveying value for the producer and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Sandvik’s products and services are designed to benefit producers’ bottom lines in terms of increased safety and productivity, without compromising on the industry-leading innovation for which Sandvik’s products are renowned.

Source: Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology

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