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Educating, connecting our extractive industry

A good strategic plan maps the direction and provides us with measurable success drivers that allow us to evaluate how we are progressing with our implementation plan.

Some characteristics of strategic plans for high performing organisations include:

  • A vision that excites and challenges.
  • Goals that are clear, measurable, ambitious and achievable.
  • A good balance between short and long-term goals.
  • Strategies that are aligned with members and stakeholder needs.

The review of the IQA strategic plan commenced with a facilitated workshop in May 2016. It concluded with a ‘think tank’ workshop in February 2017 with all IQA Board directors, IQA branch chairmen and past IQA Board directors. The review incorporated our members’ views summarised in the 2016 Member’s Survey and through the input of our branch chairmen.

The IQA Board has now approved the Strategic Plan for 2017 to 2021 and we are now working with our branches and sub-branches to communicate the plan to our members and stakeholders and to finalise the implementation plan.

Educating and connecting our extractive industry.


  • To provide world-class professional development for the extractive industries.
  • To establish an Australian Academy of Quarrying.
  • To align service offerings with industry needs.


  • Membership engagement and diversification.
  • World-class provider of professional development and member services.
  • Strong local leadership.
  • Governance and finance.

Strategically defined alliances are very important to achieve our goals and are integrated and applied to all success drivers.

The review of the strategic plan allowed us to assess and review our direction, to set priorities going forward, to agree on the outcomes we want to achieve and to ensure that we are all working towards our common goals.

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