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Five ?must have? options for loader scales

But not all loader scales are created equal. There are some important features that equate to even bigger benefits, so make sure to look out for the following options before buying:

Dynamic weighing capability

To really save time and get accurate results, look for a system that can keep up with the machine. It sounds simple, but to get reliable repeatability and accuracy you need scales that can weigh continuously when the machine is either moving or stationary. Most systems on the market do not do this. Inclinometers and accelerometers, in engineer speak, translate to a system that can stay accurate in rough terrain, at speed and cater to slopes up to +/-10 degrees.

Oil temperature compensation

Loaders are doing the machine equivalent of interval training all day, every day. Heavy lifting, cardio to and from the stockpile and times when it’s idling lead to fluctuations in oil temperature, which can lead to fluctuations in weight accuracy unless you have a system that can compensate for it.

Option to trade off the weight

The ability to add “trade approved” functionality to loader scales means you can transact from the weight data on the system. A handy in-cab printer means you can print results instantly, or alternatively send and receive job information to and from the office using Wi-Fi.

Reversing camera option

Increase safety and reduce clutter in the cab by transforming your loader scale indicator into a reversing camera screen. For example, the Loadmaster Alpha 100 system by RDS Technology includes video input capability, so you don’t need to install a second screen.

Flexibility of an open source platform

Last but not least, make sure the system you invest in can handle everything you need, including support for a wide range of buckets, forks or other attachments, the ability to work with wheeled, telescopic or tractor-style machines and, importantly, the option to interface directly with your ERP system. 

Source: Position Partners

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