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Separation, detection systems in the recycled aggregates industry

Eriez Magnetics specialises in designing and manufacturing equipment for this purpose, including suspended permanent magnets, Metalarm metal detectors and heavy-duty conveyors and feeders.

Suspended permanent magnets remove large amounts of ferrous and work-hardened stainless steel from non-ferrous materials on almost any type of conveyor or chute.

With no power source necessary, suspended permanent magnets require no electrical maintenance and offer uninterrupted magnetic protection.

New permanent magnetic assemblies are more compact and lighter, while offering safe and reliable tramp protection for costly process machinery and for maintaining product purity.

With no heat generated, suspended permanent magnets operate at peak efficiency at all times. Elevated temperatures in the 38°C to 93°C range have no negative effect on the strength of these separators.

The Eriez magnetic circuit has been designed to project a deep-reaching field that can grasp even the most elusive tramp iron from fast moving belts.

The Eriez circuit has also been designed using field shaping principles that allow for efficient capture of ferrous material, even in the most difficult of applications. The circuit design used in these separators produces outstanding commercial magnets.

Suspended permanent magnets are available in manual cleaning (MC) and self-cleaning (SC) models. The MC and SC models are offered in five magnetic strengths, enabling customers to select the ideal level of protection for their particular application.

The permanent magnets can be combined with the Metalarm 3000 and 3500 series of metal detectors, used in many recycled aggregate operations to protect a broad range of machinery from damage caused by errant tramp metal. Different configurations are available to optimise sensitivity and to suit specific types of conveyor systems.

The TR underbelt search coil model has a sensor designed to match the profile of the conveyor belt, and to cope with a maximum of 300mm burden heights when used to locate typical tramp metal, such as large nuts and bolts. The SF plate coil model is ideal for environments in which there is a high amount of surrounding metal, with or without electrical interference. The PL plate coil model is intended for use with flat conveyor belts and applications involving mobile crushing. Other models include the BR bridge coil, BR swing top coil and VC vibratory trough coil.

Eriez’s Hi–Vi magnetic drive circuit provides a simple, powerful solution to difficult material feeding applications in aggregate operations. These feeders allow for up to 20 per cent greater capacity, which equates to more productivity at a lower cost.

The simplicity of an electro–permanent magnetic drive powered by alternately opposing and attracting magnetic forces assures low maintenance. There are no sliding or rotating parts. Power consumption is low and installation is easy. The positive driving force of Eriez units provides stability, control and unequalled accuracy.

For the AC operation, no rectifiers are required and feeders are wired into AC lines. Compact variable transformer-type controls regulate feeder rates by varying voltage.

Control is stepless from zero to 100 per cent of capacity, with excellent linearity and almost no heat generated. Single feeders or groups of feeders can be remotely controlled from one station, and controls with solid-state components are available for all units.

The coil and magnet in Eriez’s feeder drives are encapsulated in epoxy, eliminating coil movement and extending trouble-free coil life.

The completely enclosed drive element, which is dust and moisture resistant, extends coil life and makes external cleaning easier.

Special enclosures are available for dusty locations where Class II Group G equipment is normally used.

Standard units operate at temperatures up to 57°C. High temperature units are available up to 150°C. In addition to standard trays, special custom-made trays are available.

Eriez manufactures a wide range of quality equipment to meet the rugged demands of aggregate operations. In addition to advanced separation technologies for magnetic, vibratory, inspection and flotation applications, it also offers innovative designs in materials handling, magnetic separation and metal detection equipment for the recycled aggregates industry.

Source: Eriez Magnetics

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