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The year ahead and beyond

I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and new year break.

As we all resume for another demanding year, the Institute of Quarrying Australia (IQA) remains committed to encouraging excellence in enhancing the professional development experience through world-class programs.

IQA chief executive officer Paul Sutton, in partnership with industry experts, has established and continues to enhance a suite of aligned professional development programs (PDPs) that aim to build the competence and capability of people working in the quarrying industry.

Our programs can be delivered through a variety of face to face, online and webinar facilitations.

The PDPs on offer range from management and leadership facilitations through to technical and operator facilitations.

I encourage you to visit the IQA website at and review and register for any PDPs that will enhance your professional learning.

The IQA’s PDPs are not only being rolled out to the Australian quarrying industry but also to our colleagues in New Zealand.

Recently our PDP received international recognition and endorsement from the Institutes of Quarrying International Presidents.

I am looking forward to the Strategic Planning: Think Tank workshop with the IQA board and our branch chairmen on 21 February, 2017.

This workshop will help to finalise our strategic plan and to deliver on our vision to provide world-class professional development for the extractive industries.

I would like to acknowledge the important work that our branch and sub-branch committees are doing to engage our members and to organise functions and seminars that resonate with local issues.

I would also like to thank the following branch/sub-branch chairmen who resigned in 2016:

• Greg Rains, North Queensland branch.

• Travis Potts, Northern Territory branch.

• Steven Della Bona, Western Australian branch.

• Jason Lowe, Queensland branch.

• Lee Cobb, Cairns Region sub-branch.

• Dayne Steggles, Hunter sub-branch.

Best wishes to everyone for a happy and safe 2017!

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