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Automated haul truck load reporting

The H2250 is an in-cab display and sensor system that is used in combination with an optional InsightHQ web-based management portal.

Using InsightHQ cloud reporting and data analysis, the H2250 provides quarry managers and supervisors with near real time process monitoring, driving increased production and limiting costs.

The haul truck monitor provides automated product totals in easy to understand, formatted reports, eliminating the need for tally sheets, which can be difficult to comprehend. Haul truck load counting and payload measurement is said to be accurate to within +/-3 per cent.

The H2250 also offers near real time production reporting, truck speed monitoring, cycle time analysis and location-based material tracking. These features can help prevent unplanned haul truck downtime, under- and overloading, queuing, excessive tyre wear, and slow or inconsistent cycle times.

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