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Remote control facility adds flexibility, safety to rig

This results in a modern outlook, improved drilling efficiency with lower fuel consumption and enhanced safety, even in the toughest of terrain.

The latest complement to this “total package” is the option of full radio remote control for added flexibility and safety.

The Sandvik Ranger series of surface top hammer drill rigs have impressed customers worldwide, with their revolving superstructure enabling large drilling coverage. The series ranges from the standard 17.6m2 model to the optional 26.4m2 version. As well as being able to rotate, the rig’s stability is guaranteed thanks to its innovative structure, which keeps the counterweight at all times on the opposite side of the boom. In addition, the rig features a Rock Pilot+ drilling control system that automatically adjusts to changing rock formations, sending an optimal amount of power to the rock. This has been designed to ensure smooth rotation, solid rock contact and fast penetration in different rock conditions.

Improved fuel economy

The Ranger series drill rigs significantly reduce operating costs due to their low fuel consumption rates, which have been achieved through a new advanced eco-package and engine RPM adjustment.

The rig is equipped with an economical Tier 3 engine or a low consumption, low emission Tier 4 Final engine. While fuel consumption has been notably reduced, the Ranger drill rig still provides the required power for drilling tasks, with its well proven rock drills. The Ranger series comes with the recently upgraded HL820T rock drill as standard; changing it to a high frequency HF820T rock drill will ensure even higher penetration rates.

Full radio control was introduced to the Sandvik Ranger series at the beginning of 2015. The full radio control option was designed with safety in mind but it also contributes to improved productivity. This is especially of use when the rig works on steep slopes and risky benches, where safety is an issue. Using the new full radio control, the operator can handle these tasks from a safe distance, thereby improving productivity, as the operator possesses clear visibility of the undercarriage and winch control at all times.

“The new full radio control brings versatility to our Ranger series and presents many new opportunities for us to help our customers, as radio control is mandatory on certain applications,” said Sandvik Construction’s product manager for surface drilling Jarno Viitaniemi.

{{image2-a:r-w:200}}“In fact… a radio controlled operation can even enable totally new drilling applications. Slot drilling is an interesting application that is far easier with a radio controlled unit. Also, our Ranger DQ500 with full radio control makes the unit extremely flexible and suitable for numerous new applications, such as tunnelling bolting, for which our customers have already shown interest.”

Improved safety

Nevertheless, safety plays an important role in all product improvements.

“If there is a high risk of bench collapsing, you don’t want to take that extra risk,” Viitaniemi said. “Improving safety is always at the top of our priorities, so this new option is truly a valuable addition to the existing product features.” 

The use of the radio controller is smooth and precise. This means basic functions that can be handled with the radio controller include drilling and tramming, where the operator can choose between one or two hand tramming control modes, as well as boom control, rod handling and rollover control (Ranger DQ500).

The new full radio control option is now available on all Ranger series drill rigs, making a positive contribution to fuel efficiency, productivity, efficiency and safety.

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