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Orange rotor offers improved crusher uptime, safety

The Orange series rotor has been designed with easy wear component replacement and maximum wear life in mind. Change-out of a rotor’s primary wear components via the machine’s service door has never been simpler.

Significant gains in machine maintenance time have been enabled through the reduction of wearparts by 30 per cent and the overall number of components by 25 per cent. This has been achieved by integrating several components and using fewer fixing points. Hard facing during maintenance is no longer required.

Increased wearpart life

Tuomas Takalo, Metso’s global product manager for Barmac VSI, said the increase in wearpart life achieved with the Orange rotor was significant.

“We have tested the new primary components in real life quarry operations, achieving greatly enhanced wear life,” he said. “Tip life was increased by as much as 30 to 50 per cent. In quarry operations, this extended life will provide operators with significantly increased operational uptime.

“Longer intervals between wearpart changes will help our customers to increase their production output capacity.”

Since their introduction to the market late in 2014, Orange series rotors have been installed in a number of fixed and mobile plants in both Australia and New Zealand.

“While we cannot announce definitive performance statistics, feedback from our customers’ sites is very encouraging,” Metso’s Australasian Barmac product specialist Adam Lane said. “The new rotors seem to be performing really well. Our clients estimate that rotor component wear life is more than 25 per cent better than the previous design. They say downtime is being reduced by up to 50 per cent.”

Lane said he had demonstrated the features of the new rotor design to many quarry managers, plus their maintenance, operations and health, safety and environment staff.

{{image2-a:r-w:200}}“So far everyone has been very impressed by the Orange rotor. Many quarry personnel are saying it’s the new benchmark in VSI rotor technology.”

Lane said quarry OHS staff and managers had reacted positively to the reduction in “hot works and repairs that are enabled by the new technology. This is an important factor when it comes to safety and the minimisation of recordable incidents.

“At Metso we take safety very seriously. We always aim to design our equipment with operator safety in mind, and the Orange rotor is no exception. I’m really pleased that this innovation is helping our customers to improve the safety of their personnel.”

In New Zealand, MIMICO is Metso’s distributor of crushers and screens, including mobile and fixed plant plus wear and spare parts.

According to MIMICO’s crushing and screening business manager Garth Taylor, customers have been impressed by the rotor’s robustness and the ease of wearpart replacement.

Benefits of upgrading

Orange series rotors are proving a valuable asset to sites that have installed them. Changing of tips and cavity plates is now easier, as the new retaining bar system allows experienced maintenance staff to change a full set of wear components in about 20 minutes.

“This represents a massive saving to an industry that is very cost-savvy and is always looking to reduce downtime,” Lane said.

He added the new rotor could be fitted without costly modifications to all Barmac VSI models that accept 690DTR, 840DTR and 990DTR rotors. The Orange series rotors are also now standard on all new Barmac VSIs.

Source: Metso

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