Mobile plant supplier introduces telematics system

T-Link enables owners to remotely manage, stay connected to and keep track of their equipment. They can also use the program to monitor work progress, manage logistics, access critical machine information, analyse and optimise machine performance, and perform remote operator support.

T-Link combines Terex Finlay machines’ in-built CANbus control system and on-board sensors and electronics with satellite positioning and telematics software. Data collected via the system can be accessed securely through an online portal that has accessibility 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

Owners are issued with a log-in and password that gives them immediate access to their machine data via the portal from any internet-enabled computer or mobile device. The key advantages of the T-Link system are:

  • Enhanced machine uptime.
  • Enhanced security and visibility.
  • Enhanced fleet management and performance.
Enhanced machine uptime

T-Link provides accurate diagnostics and working records in near real time on machine operational performance, and assists in monitoring the health of equipment and the scheduling of preventative maintenance. The information and reports that can be downloaded include:

  • Engine work time.
  • Engine idle time.
  • Engine load levels.
  • Operation status.
  • Fuel consumption.
  • Cautions and alerts.
  • Working status maintenance replacement and notifications.
  • Cone liner wear updates.
  • Tonnage output (when aligned to a calibrated belt weigher).
Enhanced security, visibility

T-Link gives full visibility on the physical location of a machine in near real time and enables operators to define control parameters and measures of operational use.

If there is any violation of these defined parameters, the system connects immediately with authorised and nominated company representatives via email.

Geo-fences, or a virtual perimeter, can be placed around the location where equipment is working. If the machine crosses the geo-fence, the system triggers an alert notification.

T-Link also enables owners to place time-fences – time-based rules – on when machines should be operational. If the machine is operated outside defined work zones and time frames, T-Link will not shut down the machine but it will trigger an alert, notifying the owner of any violations.

Enhanced fleet management

T-Link enables operators to accurately monitor and analyse plant fuel consumption (eg fuel level and daily production costs), and lower their operational energy costs.

The T-Link system also provides access to service codes from a central location. This permits operators to implement performance enhancement adjustments to their equipment or upskill operators to improve efficiency and productivity. Its functions include:

  • Fuel economy reporting (cost per tonne if belt-weigh fitted).
  • Idle/working time monitoring.
  • Engine load recording.
  • Fleet management reporting.
  • Utilisation reporting.
How T-Link works

T-Link enables owner operators to maximise their business efficiency and capacity by increasing plant utilisation, and planning efficient routing and job allocation and timesheet reporting. They can accurately monitor equipment fuel burn, preventative and maintenance management and operator behaviour, and reduce plant idling.

The system operates on dual-band networks that utilise both cellular and global positioning satellite technologies to connect users with their machines in the field.

The T-Link components and software on any machine collect data and transmit it to the satellite. The communication network transmits information to the T-Link data centre. The T-Link data centre stores data for the lifetime of the equipment. Data can be accessed from the machine in near real time via the internet on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Terex Finlay mobile plant is available through OPS Screening and Crushing Equipment in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, and through Finlay Screening and Crushing Systems in the eastern states, including South Australia and Tasmania.

Source: Terex Finlay

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