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Acquisition expands screen media range

Locker Group completed its acquisition of Sefar Australia’s extractive screen division at the end of 2015. As part of the transaction, Locker Group obtained the licence to market the Tufflex product range in Australia and New Zealand.

“Tufflex has proven to be the leading poly-coated wire screen, offering extended wear life in suitable applications,” Locker Group CEO Ed Sill explained. “With the inclusion of this product range, Locker Group is now the only supplier in the Australasian market to provide a complete product offering for all quarry and mining screening applications.”

Sill said the incorporation of Sefar’s complementary product range into its own offering meant Locker Group could provide any screening product type “without favour”, allowing the business to supply a multitude of options to individual quarry sites while maintaining a focus on reducing their screening costs.

“We’ve already been able to provide one Queensland customer with screening options, using either poly modular or Tufflex screening media,” he stated. “We’ll continue to work with that customer to make the best selection for their requirements that provides the lowest cost per tonne of screened product.”

Product consolidation

Sill explained that Sefar had been competing with Locker Group “for many years”, with the two companies’ products sharing a similar space in the quarry screening market. Both businesses, for example, supply high tensile woven wire screens and industrial woven wire mesh.

Sill said these common product lines would be consolidated under Locker Group’s sales footprint to maximise market coverage and be integrated into the processes at the company’s existing manufacturing facilities to ensure speed to market.

He added that Tufflex would be replacing the Polyflex range Locker Group had previously supplied.

“Customers have been pleased that Locker has further developed its product offering by including Tufflex in our range,” Sill commented. “We hope our customers can see that Locker Group will not stop looking for new initiatives – be they product or service-based – to help them improve the screening efficiency and productivity of their sites.”

Sefar Australia continues to operate out of Sydney, with its focus now shifting to its industrial mesh and filters business. The company is part of the international Sefar Group, which has subsidiaries and fabrication centres in 27 countries across five continents.

Melbourne-based Locker Group supports the quarry industry with a broad range of screen media solutions from sales offices and manufacturing facilities throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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