Twin decade veteran makes way for next generation boom

Almost 20 years ago Hanson acquired a Rammer C330 boom system fitted with a Rammer E64 rockbreaker for its Red Hill Quarry in Western Australia.

Since its installation in 1997, the breaker has been operating above a jaw crusher, clearing blockages quickly and efficiently.

Hanson Red Hill Quarry, 25km from Perth, supplies in excess of 20 per cent of the Perth metropolitan area's aggregates, primarily to the premixed concrete, asphalt and civil construction industries.

Throughout the years, the C330 boom system had to clear blockages and bridging. This year Hanson chose to upgrade the boom system to achieve a longer vertical reach. 

“Other boom systems on the market were explored, but having seen the reliability of Rammer, it made sense to inquire about acquiring another Rammer breaker boom system,” a Red Hill Quarry spokesperson said.

Total Rockbreaking Solutions (TRS), WA's authorised Rammer dealer, recommended a Rammer C350 boom system and a Rammer 1655 rockbreaker for the job.

The C350 has a maximum reach of 5.4m, 500mm longer than the previous model, and a slightly different reach profile that enables the optimal positioning of the rockbreaker within the crusher.

The 870kg 1655 rockbreaker has an impact rate of 500 to 940 blows per minute. It features Rammer’s fixed blow energy operating principle, which ensures optimum impact energy with every blow, regardless of hydraulic flow fluctuations. Like most Rammer breakers, the 1655 also has a lifetime warranty, which for a professional user is a maximum of 10 years.

“Features like these and proven reliability give us confidence that our new boom will again give us many years of service,” the Red Hill Quarry spokesperson said.

Hydraulic boom systems

{{image2-a:r-w:200}}Sandvik Mining and Construction’s Rammer division has been experienced in the construction, manufacturing, supply and servicing of hydraulic boom systems in quarries worldwide for more than 35 years. Rammer specialises in the supply of complete boom systems to accommodate the specific needs of the user and enhance the safety of the worksite.

The boom systems full range includes more than 40 models, from one tonne up to 18 tonnes, with reaches ranging from four metres to a massive 17m.

Rammer can draw on the right boom for every need, plus its boom system is the only one that can be supplied complete with a genuine Rammer hydraulic rockbreaker as a packaged system from a single supplier.

The breakers’ advanced membrane technology and fixed blow energy operating principle ensure high breaking power is maintained at all times.

A positively sealed high pressure membrane accumulator ensures gas leakage is eliminated. The accumulator does not require constant re-filling or regular servicing of special seals.

In addition, an idle blow protector on/off selector allows the operator to adjust the working mode to protect against blank firing.

Rammer’s hydraulic rockbreakers also include:

  • A RAMLUBE automatic lubrication system developed specifically for hydraulic breakers, and designed for a long, trouble-free life.
  • A vibration-dampened tie-rod system.
  • Impact-resistant, large-diameter tools.
  • A RAMDATA on-board service indicator that provides on-field information to the user, as well as stored data for use by the owner and dealer to ensure optimisation.
Dealer network

WA dealer TRS was established in 2013 by a team of professionals with more than 70 years of combined experience in the design, sales and servicing of rockbreakers and rockbreaker boom systems.

In Australia, customers are supported by an independent network of Rammer dealers, including Walkers Hammers (Victoria and Tasmania), Ground Tec Equipment (New South Wales), Precisionscreen (Queensland) and Renex Equipment (South Australia and the Northern Territory). 

Source: Total Rockbreaking Solutions

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