Responsive, comfortable wheel loader

The 397kW ZW550-5 is the biggest model in Hitachi’s new ZW-5 wheel loader range, with an operating weight of more than 47 tonnes and a bucket capacity of up to 7.2m3.

The loader incorporates a number of technologically advanced features, including two operating modes. Standard mode is for regular duties such as loading materials and P mode is chosen for more demanding tasks like heavy duty digging.

The new clutch cut-off system controls clutch timing for a smoother operation when the ZW550-5 is loading. The machine also uses an automotive-style planetary automatic transmission for smooth shifting while a standard lock-up torque converter provides improved fuel economy and performance during travel.

Other features of the ZW550-5 include the latest Tier 4 Interim engine, which reduces fuel consumption by more than 20 per cent compared to previous models, a spacious and comfortable cab with excellent visibility, and easy to use controls.

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