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Efficient, ?intelligent? wheel loader

As with all machines in the Z7 series, the 92Z7 utilises the Kawasaki IntelliTech operating system. This program automatically adjusts the loader’s powertrain and hydraulics to actual operating conditions, maximising performance while saving fuel.

Custom operating power modes also help to make the most of the loader’s high engine power rating, and the Quick P button provides a temporary surge of power ideal for hill climbing or whenever additional rim pull is needed.

The loader’s enhanced 5m3 bucket shape allows for better loading characteristics, whether using a standard or high-lift boom, and the longer floor provides improved material flow.

The 92Z7 is also said to be the only machine in its class with standard swing-out auto-reversible fan, full rear fenders with mud flaps, and patented 500-hour HN linkage bushings.


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