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Mountain resort to be built across quarry void

The Dawang Mountain Resort, designed by Austrian architectural firm Coophimmelb(l)au, is being constructed at the site of an old quarry near the city of Changsha in China.

However, rather than taking the traditional route of filling the quarry pit and building on top of it, Coophimmelb(l)au has decided to retain the abandoned operation’s natural landscape by constructing the resort complex across the quarry’s void, connecting two cliff faces.

From cliff to cliff, the Deep Pit Ice and Snow World winter sports and water park centre will span 170m, hanging suspended above a sunken and hanging garden.

A cantilevered outdoor swimming pool will leverage the quarry’s natural features, creating a 60m high waterfall into the quarry pit. Large glass facades will allow visitors to view the quarry’s natural cliff faces from within the resort. The leisure space surrounding the resort complex will also incorporate cliffside pathways, islands and water features.

The complex will include an indoor ski slope, water park attractions, and restaurant and shopping facilities, and a separate 100m high tower at the south end of the site will additionally host a five-star hotel.

Beijing was recently selected to host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, which could potentially attract winter sports enthusiasts to the resort once built.

The project is currently under construction, with media reports indicating it is expected to reach completion next year.


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