Hydrocyclone with increased throughput

The Cavex 700CVX features a larger inlet and vortex finder than any other cyclone within the 660mm range, meaning it offers up to 50 per cent greater capacity than competitor cyclones of the same size.

The unit provides a higher throughput than Weir Minerals’ Cavex 650CVX hydrocyclone in a smaller, more space-efficient body, making it ideal for new installations. It is also perfectly suited and sized to fit into existing cyclone clusters for easy retrofitting and to increase capacity.

Cavex CVX hydrocyclones are designed to withstand severe abrasion and feature a unique shape with a laminar spiral inlet geometry that allows material to follow a natural path without encountering any shelves, edges or corners. This reduces turbulence inside the hydrocyclone, which helps maximise separation efficiency, hydraulic capacity and wear life while minimising localised wear in the feed chamber and vortex finder.

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