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Why choose rubber screen products?

Here are just a few of the reasons you might want to consider rubber this season. 


Rubber screens tend to weigh less than metal products, so they are easier to move around a site. This can improve site efficiency, making the initial installation and disassembly a faster process.

It can also help reduce wear and tear when transported, and can also be key to safety. If working at heights, for example, handling a more lightweight product can minimise the risk of accidents. 


Noise can be a big issue on mining and quarrying sites. Typically, there is a host of heavy machinery and equipment being used that leads to high levels of noise, which not only affects the wider community but can also be hazardous to workers. Prolonged exposure to noise can permanently damage hearing.

Using a rubber screen dramatically reduces noise compared with metal materials. Alternatively, you can place rubber panels on top of existing steel or wire screens to soften the blow. 


Depending on where a site is located, one factor workers and machinery have to contend with is the weather. Summers in many states, such as Queensland, tend to come with large amounts of moisture. While this can damage metal equipment over time, rubber has the advantage of being unaffected, increasing your products’ shelf life.


One of the advantages of rubber is its malleability, which allows it to be moulded and shaped in a variety of different forms and sizes. Locker Group’s rubber screens can be custom-fitted for the specific raw material you are working with, plus any other site-specific considerations. They also come in both soft and hard Duro rubber, allowing for either flexibility or coarse scalping, depending on what the work calls for.

While rubber may not be thought of as being as tough as metal – steel has a great elasticity, for instance – rubber products for mining and quarrying sites are typically tested to ensure they can withstand cuts, tears and other impacts. Therefore you need not worry about the toughness of rubber screens. 

Source: Locker Group

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