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Owned and operated by Ken and Bryce Abbott, Mayday prides itself on helping customers achieve their objectives with quality maintained and efficient construction equipment. “As a company, we’ve always believed that as long as we offered excellent services and a well maintained equipment fleet, success would follow,” Bryce Abbott said.

Having grown to become one of WA’s major earthmoving contractors, Mayday’s consistent expansion gives credence to the Abbotts’ operating beliefs.

The company offers a range of earthmoving equipment, ranging from rollers to loaders and excavators. Working closely with dealer Tutt Bryant Equipment, Mayday has purchased a number of Kawasaki wheel loaders, Sumitomo excavators and Bomag rollers to add to the fleet.

Before any purchase of equipment, Mayday undertakes an extensive screening process of various models. Key areas of evaluation are pricing, efficiency, serviceability and performance. Tutt Bryant Equipment’s range performed extremely well, leading to the purchase of a number of machines.


In November last year Mayday acquired the Kawasaki 90Z7, with an aim to increase production and fuel savings and reduce maintenance costs.


The 90Z7 wheel loader is equipped with a Tier 4 emission engine that includes a diesel particulate filter, exhaust gas recirculation system and variable geometry turbocharger.

These components combine to reduce up to 90 per cent of air-polluting nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions.
The 9m, 25-tonne loader has a forward/reverse maximum speed of 37km/h and a gross rated engine output of 220kW. The 3m bucket has a capacity of 4.2m3 and the loader has an overall height of 3530mm, including dumping clearance of 3075mm and dumping reach of 1340mm.

The 90Z7 also offers a potential fuel saving of between 10 and 20 per cent compared with existing models, thanks to an open centre load sensing system (that employs a variable displacement pump and minimises hydraulic energy loss during operation) and engine output control mechanisms (eg high performance hybrid fan and IntelliTech system) that optimise energy consumption and promise improved performance and efficiency in applications from digging to load and haul.

The vehicle’s safety features include an inclined ladder, improvements to the cab door and handrail for easier cab access. The exterior secures a clear field of vision for the operator, while the interior includes a high resolution, full colour liquid crystal display for easy viewing, and a built-in rear view monitor offers clear visibility when reversing.

Mayday’s plant manager Simon Anza said the Kawasaki 90Z7 would significantly increase production output. “Along with its low servicing costs, the machine should provide us with a better bottom line of profit,” he said. “Given our successful acquisitions, we are also looking at further purchases from Tutt Bryant Equipment by way of additional rollers, loaders and excavators.”  

Source: Tutt Bryant Equipment

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