New stacker design extends the boundaries

With the downturn in the market in Australia and falling iron ore and coal prices, along with the need for quarrying and mining companies to reduce costs on sites around Australia, Striker and its partner Global Crushers & Spares have designed and manufactured the latest in high-tech radial stacking systems.

With customers asking Striker for something different to what was on the market, the two suppliers devised what they believe is a unique design that allows for multiple configurations and multiple drive arrangements. The new Extender design sees Striker able to offer telescopic stackers up to 63m long and capable of producing 2000 tonnes per hour. The range is called the Extender Series, and comes in both mining specification and quarry spec, as with all the machines in the Striker range.

The E40 and E58 series telescoping stackers feature separate braked travel wheels and radial drive wheels, and it is possible to adjust the size of each machine with the electrically controlled telescoping stinger.

The Extenders are powered by dual electric motor head end drives and also feature a cable winch telescoping unit, hydraulic-controlled power radial drive and hydraulic-controlled lift for travel and radial tyres. A deep truss fabricated steel frame supports these, separate braked travel wheels and radial drive wheels, and a pivot point on the tail end.

The stackers are also equipped with a receiving hopper on the tail end, 127mm diameter idlers and rubber disc return rollers, a three-ply 6.35m x 3.2mm conveyor belt (with various belt widths available) and a customised PLC control system to suit the application.

From January 2015 Striker and Global will install the first of four orders for the new Extender range of stackers at an iron ore mine in South Australia. These stackers will form the back end of a 1000tph iron ore DSO operation. 


Source: Striker Australia

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